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A Strange Halloween for this Sports Fan


Trick or treat?

That I guess is the question Yankee fans must be asking themselves today.

Joe Torre out, Joe Girardi in.

But thats ok, because Torre was disrespected by the organization and so he decided that it would be probably be best for the two to part ways.

The Yankees would go on to hire a replacement (Girardi), while Torre can go enjoy retirement.

Whats that? Joe Torre is going to replace Red Sox great Grady (“no i’m not Syracuse Football head coach Greg Robinson’s twin brother) Little and become the new manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Strange happenings to say the least.

And now reports are coming out that Alex Rodriguez may end up following Torre to L.A., to play for the same manager who batted him 8th…8TH!!! in a pivotal division series game last season.

And speaking of Alex Rodriguez, arguably the greatest player in baseball right now, he will be in all likelyhood playing somewhere other than the Bronx next year. Kobe Bryant, arguably (and in my non-professional opinion) the greatest player in basketball right now, also appears to be headed out of town after trade requests and management issues.

Wouldn’t that be something. In the same brief period of time we could see two legendary sports figures, both headed to Los Angeles, with one legendary (and two if consider Kobe leaving L.A. means Phil Jackson isn’t far behind) sports figure leaving behind the nation’s biggest city still without an NFL franchise.

What is really scary to think is that the teams I happen to root for, in this case the Mets and Knicks, seem to have more stability within their respective franchises than the one team I love to hate. The Yankees are changing managers, losing a first ballot hall of famer and hoping to retain another, without any guarentees.

The Mets will be undergiong change but not nearly as dramatic a facelift as the Yankees are going through. The Knicks? Well as I was told by my roommate Matt (and he heard this in an interview), Isiah Thomas has done everything imaginable and then some to lose his job, yet he will be sitting on the bench for another season. Losing records, overpaying for under preforming talent, being convicted of sexual harassment and costing your boss 11 million dollars?

Sounds worthy of another contract extension if you ask me.

Happy Halloween all.


October 31, 2007 - Posted by | Sports

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