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Remember, Remember- It’s Already November


November is here, and I couldn’t be happier.

November, the eleventh month of the Christian Calendar (today is also the 20th day of the month of Cheshvan for all you fellow J’s) and it means another year is almost in the books.

Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but 2007 is a year I’ll be happy to bid adieu (that was French, not gibberish).

Because it dominates my life, I’ll start with the year that was in sports.

Way back in January, when every calendar year still has plenty of promise and potential, the Jets shocked the football world and made the playoffs, only to be rewarded by playing the Patriots and losing in the first round.

How would the Jets go about making up for their playoff disappointment? By beginning this season with one measly win in their first 8 games.

Man-genius? I think not.

Then when February rolls around pitchers and catchers report to spring training and the baseball season officially begins as far as I’m concerned. Coming off a disappointing playoff heartbreak to the Cardinals, the Mets were looking to take the next step. This was our year. Making the playoffs was an after thought, the question going into this season was who would we be playing in the World Series.

The season started off great (33-17 after 50 games) and a first place record into September. My playoff tickets came in the mail, and while my seats weren’t great, at least I would be watching another year of October baseball at Shea Stadium.

But one agonizing loss after another, along with the Phillies and Rockies having Septembers to remember, the Mets pulled off the most embarrassing collapse in regular season baseball history.

The Knicks?….moving on.

Syracuse Basketball? Still can’t spell N.I.T.

But now it’s November and while the Jets’ fate has already been decided, at least they have opened up my Sundays for the next two months.

The Knicks open their season tomorrow night in Cleveland, unfortunately its another lose-lose season, for if we do squeeze into the playoffs and suffer the first round sweep that comes with it, Isiah probably get two more years. If the season is a bust and we fall short of playing meaningful basketball games in April, Isiah probably gets two more years.

Aside from sports, 2007 hasn’t been particularly kind to me for a number of personal reasons, which don’t need to be brought up. However it is safe to say that come 2008, these problems will have all been resolved or forgotten. And if not, when February rolls around, I can really start to focus on preparing for another disappointing baseball season.

But it’s November, so in two short months, all of the bad memories 2007 gave me can be stashed away, hopefully to be replaced by a year of better ones. Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away, and I get to return home for a few days to the dysfunction that is my family. And then a few weeks after that, this forgettable semester comes to a close. And it can’t end soon enough.

So here’s to November. Hotstove baseball, regular season basketball and some Turkey for those of you who who eat it (I don’t, and I’m looking forward to my Thanksgiving day baked ziti, thank you very much).

Then again based on the year I’ve had, come December-

I won’t want to remember November.


November 1, 2007 - Posted by | Personal, Sports

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