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2007 NBA Predictions


Ok, So I’m a few days late. I really am disappointed with myself for not even thinking about posting predictions. So even though the season tipped off Tuesday night, heres how the 2007-2008 NBA season will play out according to the brilliant mind of yours truly.

Instead of breaking down every team’s record and what not, I’ll keep it simple. I’ll give you my playoff teams and seedings, NBA finals matchup and winner, individual awards, what I think will happen with Kobe and a little more detailed preview for my Knicks.

Here we go:

Eastern Conference

Bulls (1), Pistons (2), Nets (3), Celtics (4), Heat (5), Raptors (6), Cavs (7), Magic (8)

…Knicks (9), Pacers (10)

Western Conference

Suns (1), Spurs (2), Mavs (3), Nuggets (4), Rockets (5), Jazz (6), Warriors (7), Clippers (8)

…Lakers (9), Sonics (10)

NBA Semi’s

Bulls over Nets
Spurs over Suns

NBA Finals

Spurs over Bulls in 6

MVP- Steve Nash (PHX)
Coach of the Year- Scott Skiles (CHI)
Scoring Champ- Lebron James (CLE)
6th Man- Manu Ginobli (SAS)
Defensive Player- Marcus Camby (DEN)
Rookie of the Year- Kevin Durant (SEA)

Kobe Bryant? Traded before New Years to Chicago

The Knicks?

37 Wins, 2 games shy of making the playoffs. They will be in contention down the stretch but will fall short.

Check back in June to see if I’m the next Nostradamus or Miss Cleo.


November 3, 2007 - Posted by | Sports

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