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No Better Time than the Last Minute


I don’t like the fact that I missed posting yesterday (even though yesterday was technically an hour ago) but in fairness there were some big things going on in both the world of sports and my academic career ( I know many of you are having trouble I even have one, but I do, and it ruined my day). Jets played (and lost again), Patriots-Colts was a big deal to most people (myself not included) and the Knicks had their home opener (an ugly win, but I’ll take it).

So when I wasn’t wasting 15 minutes of my life blogging…that really does sound as pathetic as I thought it would…I was procrastinating. I have a paper due tomorrow afternoon which as of 1 o’clock this afternoon had not been started. Mind you- I had been given the assignment 2 weeks ago, and the paper is (a very reasonable) 5 pages, double spaced. I was supposed to hit up the library at some point before today, yet failed to get my lazy ass over there.

So my work began without sources and with little hope. Throw into the equation that the Jets were playing at 1, my attention was with the television a whole lot more than it was with some paper. But because the Jets at the time were 1-7 on their way to 1-8, I figured they didn’t require- or deserve for that matter- my undivided attention. So during the 3 hours of game time, i managed to come up with 2 paragraphs. One third of a page in 3 hours. Impressive right?

As the day wore on, and 4 o’clock rolled around, so did the game of the year with Pats-Colts. Because I really wasn’t all too invested in this game, I decided that with the Knicks game on at 6, I had a solid 2 hours to work. And much to my own surprise, I did. 3 pages were finished in those 2 hours. How you ask? I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that out of nowhere words were flying off my fingers and onto my screen.

6 o’clock. Knicks basketball. Home opener. Chance of a single shred of work getting done until the final buzzer sounds? Zero. So while the Knicks did their best not to play anything closely resembling defense, I sat glued to the TV rooting them on. And it payed off, because despite their efforts, they held on for their first win of the season.

But I still had work to do. I know that I didn’t want to have to wake up tomorrow and worry about writing this thing. I mean for crying out loud- my first class is at 3:45 in the afternoon! There might not have been enough time!

So I worked. And i went to good old reliable Wikipedia, only to be let down. In a rare occurrence, Wikipedia was unable to help me on a paper, probably for the first time since I became a student here at Syracuse. But I kept on looking, ended up finding some pretty good stuff, and away I went.

4 more hours later, I finally was able to write my conclusion. Is the paper any good? Couldn’t tell you. I havn’t re-read it, and I might not bother.

Proofread you ask? I don’t know what the word means.

Write paper. Print paper. Hand in paper. Thats how we continue to bring in those B-‘s.

So as usual, I waited until the last minute, I procrastinated as long as i could, yet like the Knicks, despite my efforts, I somehow wound up victorious.

I wish I learned some sort of lesson through all of this. But I would be lying to you if i told you I did. Waiting until the last minute is just the way to get things done where I’m from.

And the next time I have a paper due? I won’t be doing it any other way.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some really important stuff to get done.

Unfortunately, none of it has anything to do with school.

Come to think about it…never really does.


November 5, 2007 - Posted by | Personal

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