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So Little To Do, So Much Time To Kill


Two-plus weeks to go before Thanksgiving. The semester is winding down, and finals are about a month away. For your average college student, the work is starting to pile up. Papers, exams, quizzes, assignments- can be overwhelming at this time with grades becoming more and more important.

Unless you’re me.

I handed in that history paper I was bitching about a few days ago and upon handing it in I had realized it was the last piece of significant school work which was going to be required of me until after Thanksgiving.

No exams. No quizzes. No papers. No assignments. Nothing.

And so when I woke up Tuesday, I was living in a new world which I had previously only visited while day dreaming in class (which was every day I would actually be in class before I started bringing my lap-top).

And so now I have absolutely no school work of any kind to worry about until after I come back from my Thanksgiving break which begins two weeks from today. So it got me thinking about how much time I was going to have and how I would be able to enjoy all of it without the worry of procrastinating to write a paper or forgetting to study for a midterm.

Now many who know me are aware of my work ethic, or better yet- lack-thereof. So for the first time in my academic career I find myself in a situation where nothing is required of me for this extended a period of time (summers and breaks not withstanding).

For the next two weeks my wide-open schedule will probably be filled with plenty of the following:

Television- although thats not really a change from my lifestyle when I have work to do

Video games- same as above- although I can now play full NBA games instead of those 5 minute quarters which never feel right

Getting over to the Mall- going over the weekend is not pretty much impossible with all the construction at Carousel, so going at 10am or 2 in the afternoon, which has always been appealing, is now even more appealing.

Catching a midday Movie- I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again- talking of course about seeing a movie by myself, which as depressing as it sounds (and it can be, not gonna lie) is also really relaxing. You get both arm rests, nobody kicking your chair plus the ability to keep your legs up without pissing off the douche bag in front of you.

Bowling- probably need a partner to join, but I havn’t gotten over there yet this semester, and that needs to change. Plenty of time now.

Going to the gym- on second thought…

So there you have it. While the little calendar on my computer still reads November, school work is not something I need to care about.

Which when you think about it-

…is really nothing new for me.


November 7, 2007 - Posted by | Personal, Thoughts

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