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Blair, Chuck and My Introduction to the Gossip World


Every so often, I find myself searching for something to watch on TV. Last night was one of those nights, as the Knicks and Rangers were off, leaving me without sports to watch. Pushing Daises wasn’t on because of some awards show, and South Park wasn’t on until 10. That left me with few options, and sitting around with my Television off until 10 just wasn’t an option.

Earlier in the day I was hanging out with the girls on my floor and I was invited to join all of them in watching Gossip Girls at 9.

Without thinking twice, I agreed, and I now had something to look forward to.

So 9 o’clock finally rolled around and I found myself across the hall, sitting in the living room of my neighbors with 6 other girls watching the CW’s new hit show.

I went into the show with mixed thoughts, as I knew there a lot of hype surrounding the show, but it was the CW (formally the WB), leaving me wondering just how good this show could possibly be.

So the show started, I had no idea who anybody was, what the story lines were or why the hell the parents looked more like siblings. Either way, my initial impressions were not strong. The acting was horrendous, the plots were stupid and the writing was pathetic.

I felt as though I was watching a 16 year old’s rendition at Sex in the City, without capable actresses or competent writing.

But as the show continued, my opinion of the show changed. For the worst.

The parents were cheating and using drugs, using their children as scapegoats and punching them in the face, only to wind up arrested on charges on embezzlement (tisk, tisk Mr. Archibold).

I had braced myself for your typical “he likes her, but shes with him yet she still talks to his best friend whos sister is secretly in love with the first guy” and so and so forth. And in that sense, I wasn’t disappointed.

-Dan (“other Tucker” from John Tucker Must Die) is datign Serena (hot chick from Accepted).
-Dan’s sister is trying to win over Blair, who has been dating Nate who we found out last week still has feelings for Serena- but only admitted so by accidentally kissing Dan’s sister Jenny.
-Blair thinks she is going to receive an engagement ring from Nate but finds out beforehand the truth about her boyfriend’s secret love.
-Blair than goes all pussy-cat doll and becomes a skanky burlesque dancer in an attempt to turn on Chuck, who looks like a slightly less attractive Chad Michael Murray (yea, I know who he is)

And then we have all the drama with the parents, which I couldn’t follow if my life depended on it- but if you watch the show regularly, you know the situations.

The fact that these parents were so corrupt and acting out to such an extreme was completely absurd, yet definitely gave the show something else to laugh at.

The dialogue was pretty sappy at points, especially between Dan and Serena (the scene when hes changed his sheets and she tells him nobody has ever looked at her like that before…please, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that in all the other D-rate chick flicks I enjoy).

Another gripe. The running narration was way too much like Sex and the City, except it lacked the wittiness and sophistication of Carrie Bradshaw.

So overall, after all the drama and all the dust had cleared, I had successfully survived my Gossip Girls initiation.

Shitty acting, unrealistic story lines, drug addited-child assaulting parents, predictable corny outcomes and over-the-top drama left me with only one thought:

Can’t wait for next weeks episode.


November 8, 2007 - Posted by | Television

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