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Being Home vs. Being At School


Why is it that right before you are leaving to go home for a vacation, you cant wait to get the hell out of school and remind yourself how great sleeping in your own bed is?

At the same time, at least for me, after two nights, maybe three at most- I’m ready to get back to school faster than you say Turkey and Stuffing.

Being at home and being at school both have their pros and cons, so I figured it could be fun to actually sit down (which I am doing at this moment) and analyze them, being as though I am home, and have absolutely nothing to do all day. So here goes…

Being at School- Pros

  • You can eat anything you want, at anytime of the day or night, no questions asked.
  • Wegmans (if you have ever been there, you understand)
  • You don’t have to rely on AIM for human contact after 10:30 at night
  • Getting home at 2 in the morning is perfectly acceptable
  • You can leave your room as big a shithole as you want to without hearing a word about it
  • NBA league pass- probably not appealing to most of you…buts getting almost every NBA game gives you something to watch every night

Being at School- Cons

  • Doing your own laundry
  • Folding your own laundry
  • Putting away your own laundry (ok, so my mom still babies me…deal with it)
  • Cleaning your own bathroom
  • Cooking (once again, my mom loves me)
  • The Pizza, Bagels and Chinese food make you consider giving up all 3
  • Drunken neighbors throwing up outside your door (never actually happened, but I imagine it has to somebody)
  • Mary-the lovely spanish speaking maid my mother employs- cant make the 5 hour drive every week to clean my suite

Being at Home- Pros

  • Laundry gets cleaned, folded and put away for me- and I’m not ashamed to admit it
  • Home cooked dinners at least once a week- and heating up a frozen pizza in the micro (while delicious)- doesn’t count.
  • The bagels, pizza and chinese food make me consider never actually eating those home cooked meals
  • Not getting emails alerting me of an assault which took place 2 blocks away from where I live (oh Syracuse)
  • Roosevelt Field Mall- nothing beats it (sorry Carousel)
  • Going into the City and spending the day doing nothing but going from store to store realizing you cant afford anything you see
  • Getting to see all the people from home you otherwise don’t get to see

Being at Home- Cons

  • For all the things my mother does while I’m home, the nagging I receive pretty much negates it
  • Old neighbors who blasting their televisions allowing them to hear the public access channels they live for
  • The Pizza, Bagels and Chinese food aren’t encouraging me to eat healthier
  • Dominos and Pizza hut arent open late during the week
  • My only roommates are in their 50’s, and have no interest in going out after 8 oclock
  • Getting to see all the people from home you otherwise don’t get to see

Now I know I probably left out a ton of stuff for all 4 categories, but you seem to get the general idea of where I’m coming from.

Being Home and being at School both have plenty to offer and plenty to make you countdown the days until you can return to the other.

I guess there really is no place like home.

Unless of course you’re away at school.


November 21, 2007 - Posted by | Personal, Thoughts

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  1. you’re sooooo funny i literally laugh out loud when i read this

    Comment by Anonymous | November 26, 2007 | Reply

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