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There is Really Something Wrong With Me


Let me just describe my night, and you be the judge as to whether or not I have a problem.

I have a big project due Friday for my education class, which requires that I create 5- 80 minute lesson plans, all of which need to be incredibly detailed. This will easily take up the majority of the next 48 hours, yet tonight I sat in my room, with lots of free time giving myself a really opportunity to make a dent.

But then I took a look at my only true friend in this world, my television.

Sitting there, just giving me a blank stare (get it?) begging me to turn it on and push off the school work for a later time.

And so began my night of television. And what a night it was..

7:30- Syracuse is visiting Virginia in need a big road victory. We are wearing are road Orange uniforms which we have yet to a win a game in since they were introduced last spring at the Garden in the Big East Tournament.

7:40- The Knicks made the long trip across the river and are playing the Nets, minus Stephon Marbury (father passed away Sunday) and Eddy Curry (sprained ankle…during morning shoot around…only the Knicks) while the Nets missing future Hall of Fame point guard and wife beater Jason Kidd. The Knicks are coming off a loss to the Suns, and could really use a win to lift their sprirts, although any real Knick fans knows that the wins are as meaningless as the losses these days.

8:20 (approx) Halftime in Virginia, with Syracuse trailing. We looked good for a lot of the first half but turnovers and some shotty defense allowed Virginia to take the lead.

8:45 (approx) Halftime at newly renamed Izod Arena, as the Knicks are actually leading the Nets behind strong play by….

wait…who gives a shit…

9:30- Syracuse manages to pull off a win on the road, helped out by the fact that one of Virginia’s best players was apparently suffering from strep throat. Maybe its just me, but if I’m playing against a guy with strep (which is very contagious) I would be running my ass out of the gym. But The Orange got the W, and it will certainly ease some of the frustration still lingering from the UMass loss last week.

10:04- KNICKS WIN! KNICKS WIN! Jamal Crawford hits a big three to stretch a 5 point lead to 8, and the Knicks pick up worthless win numero 6 on this season which despite being not yet 20 games old, could end tomorrow without anybody caring.

Now lets see, Its a Wed. night, after 10…whats wrong with this picture?

“Well Adam, you missed Gossip Girl!”

I would have, however thanks to the great technology that is DVR – thats right, I DVR’ed Gossip Girl- I was able to watch it commercial free. And whoa, what an episode huh?

Serena’s grandmother is some kind of “C U Next Tuesday” isnt she? Trying to sabatoge Serena and Dan…(not Daniel…stupid bitch)

Chuck and Blair and Nate…the love triangle that everybody loves to hate and hates to love…

watching Chuck leave…despite how huge an ass he is…was a big time bummer as I think hes the best character on the show

Rufus and Lilly’s phone call there at the end? You know it brought it a smile to your face, as it did mine.

And props to the writers for actually putting in some legimately witty lines, such as

“Spotted! Chuck losing something nobody ever knew he had…his heart”

Touche Gossip Girl, Touche.

And so here I am, its 11:30 and I have barely touched my work, with the clock running down and still lots to be done.

But that wont bring me down, because I got 3 victories tonight..

The Knicks

…and Dan and Serena survived their mini-fight and ended up back in each others arm.

…that show is really growing on me…meaning there really must be something wrong in this head of mine

until next time…


…cmon thats funny


December 6, 2007 - Posted by | Personal, Sports, Television

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