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In the Zone…You Never Want To Be In


I probably should start writing royalty checks to Scott, because yet another conversation of ours has made its way to my blog. So Scott, once again, I thank you.

During lunch yesterday, we were talking about relationships and women (being the self proclaimed experts that we are) and at one point, Scott uttered to me two words that no man ever wants to face:

Friend Zone.

The friend zone is without questions the last place any guy wants to end up in with a member of the opposite sex.

The friend zone is like your grandparents house. Its a nice, warm inviting place, yet you absolutely never want to be there because you realize theres absolutely nothing you can get out of being there.

Of course more times than not, the friend zone is where most guys end up. Like it or not, many of us have reserved front row seats in the friend zone, and equipped it with comfortable recliners because guys know that once they’ve entered the friend zone, they aren’t leaving anytime soon.

Now there are different degrees of the friend zone.

There is the situation where you meet somebody, you can see yourself getting romantic with this person, yet upon showing the slightest bit of interest you’re sent packing to the friend zone as though you were caught roaming the hallway without a pass.

That friend zone, while hardly an enjoyable place to be, is not as bad the the friend zone you are actually given the option of after breaking up with somebody.

Except spending time in that friend zone becomes impossible because getting demoted from boyfriend to friend is a transition thats generally not worth making. It’s also a friend zone I myself want to be in about as much as I want a hole in my head.

I guess there is also the friend zone we choose to put ourselves in. This friend zone is with people we know right off the bat we have absolutely no interest in romantically, or have no chance with romantically.

And by placing ourselves in those friend zones, we are secretly hopeful that we can find a friend of the friend who may not be as quick to sentence us to a stay in the zone. Always need to be proactive- write that down.

When its all said and done, the friend zone is about as useful a place to be as trunk of a car. You’re locked in with nowhere to go. Its tough, and yet its where we spend the majority of our time.

Now for the most part, I am referring of course to guys ending up in the friend zone. Girls are the ones who send us there, having all the power and knowing how to use it to their advantage.

It isn’t often that guys send girls to the friend zone, unless of course they already have a girl and use the friend zone as a “in case of emergency/get out of jail free” spot.

Bottom line- the friend zone ends up being the place we never want to go, but find ourselves calling home.

And while the benefit of owning as many homes as I do would equate to some serious real estate money, the only thing I continue to sell is myself…

…as one hell of a friend.


December 14, 2007 - Posted by | Thoughts

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