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Winter Break, Go Away


Another semester is officially over. Which means it was time for another long, seemingly endless ride home.

However for some reason, my car was feeing good today, and despite leaving 45 minutes late, the trip from Syracuse to Queens was 4 hours, door to door, with a stop along the way.

I can’t lie, I was imrpessed. The ride usually takes anywhere between 4 and a half hours and 5 and a half hours, and the ride back up from Thanksgiving was miserable due to a ton of traffic, and took almost 7 hours.

So 4 hours was pretty pleasing today. And while I’ll get further into why I absolutely cannot wait to get out of here and get myself back up to Syracuse, tonight did provide one of the happier moments in a while.

For anybody who was stalking my profile and wondering that the countdown was referring to, Ross Kohan, one of if not my best friend up at school, got home from being abroad in Madrid yesterday.

I had not seen Ross (Rossy as I call him) since August, so the short ride home made it possible to come home, unpack a little and get right back in the car and drive out to see the big guy.

Which is exactly what I did.

Which means before I saw my mother or my father, I saw Rossy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And after 4 full months of not seeing him, we were reunited tonight, complete with me getting the chance to meet his girlfriend (who better realize shes now competing with me for his attention) and friend Andy, all while enjoying some kick ass hibatchi steakhouse dinner.

So after downing steak, chicken, shrimp, friend rice, vegatables, soup, salad and for the first time in my life a tried a piece of lobster….thats no misprint…Adam Fier not only had shrimp tonight, but tried lobster- which was quite good although i probably will never have it again- and ended up having a great time with some awesome people.

I should be so lucky that tonight will be a sign of things to come this winter break, but im a realist, and as I usualy do-

I’ll prepare for the worst and hope for something slightly better.

Some quick hits about what to expect from me this break:

1. Blogs every day with nothing else to do.
2. At least one trip to Roosevelt field every week.
3. Getting to the gym once a day (I joined today as soon as I got home, which is the first step)
4. Counting down the days until I get back to Syracuse (28)
5. Going into the city at least once a week.
6. Playing every SU basketball game on XBOX 360
7. Watching season 6 part 2 of Sopranos with Jason.

and hopefully something which gives me a reason to get back up to school feeling like I didn’t completely piss away 4 weeks at home…which is more than likely to happen

also- just want to say how much I’m gonna miss the girls from the 3rd floor of washington arms- megan, jessica, jessica, leah, katie, cassie and whitney- you were all fucking awesome and i dont know what im gonna do without you all next semester

mike, matt and myself just wont be the same with some other people across and down the hall from us

have a great time abroad and dont forget about us- we’ll be anxiously waiting to chill in the city together this summer!!

so winter break has finally arrived..

…let the mindspinning fun begin



December 16, 2007 - Posted by | Personal, Thoughts

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