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A Tale of Two Days


Oh what a difference a day makes.

Yesterday was one of the more productive days I’ve had in a while, which was followed up by one of the least today.

Before yesterday even started the productivity started early on Tuesday night.

After getting home from the city, I went to the gym and did my 4 miles on the treadmill. After showering, I went out with a mission. And that mission was find an electric razor, because after years of blade, it was time to make the switch.

Two targets, circuit city, best buy and a cvs later, I had found a beautiful braun with my name on it. Along the way I also managed to find a new pair of headphones and under armour to run in, because 4 miles in boxers is just a mess you want to know nothing about.

And so I woke up yesterday ready to put my new toy to work. I had never used an electric razor before, so you can imagine my anxiety. And when i say anxiety, I really mean terrified state of mind only comparable to the time I went walking through one of the haunted houses where the people jump out at you, during which my mothers friend shouted out my name which resulted in these rejects in masks running out and screaming my name at me- not the most memorable experience for an 8 year old…but back to shaving…

No shaving cream, no washing the face…just razor to face action…and I wish I could say it was a glorious occasion, however Beauty and Braun my experience was not.

Wondering why I couldn’t get every last hair on my face, I thought that maybe I was not using enough force, and so I jabbed the thing into the side of my neck and now have a pretty looking razor burn as a memoir.

Never the less, the job got done and I can only hope that the next time I go to battle with the bastard, I can cleanly remove the hair on my face that comes back in (I would say all of my face, however I still have those patchy spots Ive been considering using rogaine on said spots. I’ll keep you posted.

Alright so showered and shaved…other “S” completed as well (smiled?), it was off to see daddy to buy some nice new clothes for student teaching.

And what did the trip to the store bring me?

6 gorgeous new button down shirts (white, gray, 2 blue and 2 pink-1 with blue stripes…its nicee) and 2 snazzy looking sports coats (navy blue and gray). I still need pants and ties, but another trip next week with Paul should take care of that.

The middle of the day also had me taking my dad out to lunch with some of the (not so) hard earned Hanukkah dough. The hot pastrami sandwich was delish- thank you matty for introducing me- and it was nice to spend some catch up time with my old man

After shopping and going back home, it was time for only 60 minutes I’ll probably spend with my mother this entire break, which was dinner at the chinese place a few blocks away. And since I was in a giving mood, I treated her to dinner as well.

Thats right, I took dad out to lunch, and mom out to dinner.


But the icing on the cake was the 60 minutes spent between 9 and 10, when Gossip Girl was on. Even better than the episode itself- WHICH WAS INSANE- I got to watch with Leah over the internet, gossiping- ironic?- about the show during commercials.

So that capped off Wednesday. Jam packed and highly productive.

And then came today.

After another lousy night of sleep, I woke up before 10 and after aimlessly walking around my empty apartment for a half hour, i went down to the gym for my daily 4 miles. Today i changed it up, and downloaded 2 episodes of scrubs and an episode of family guy to my ipod and that took up the hour and made it fly by. 400 calories burned. Boo-yah.

And then I sat around, laid in my bed, occasionally checked my computer and watched hour after hour pass by.

I managed to find time to fit in a bowl of frosted flakes for lunch (saving room for outback in a few minutes) and then went back to the tube.

Well I can’t think of a better way to top off a wasted day with a wasted night…which I now have to depart to.

unti next time ya’ll


..sorry but i had to


December 20, 2007 - Posted by | Personal, Thoughts

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