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My Scrubs Diet


Recently I decided that the 3 hours a day Scrubs was on TV was not enough to really satisfy my craving for the staff at Sacred Heart so I picked up all 6 season on DVD (the 7th is currently in the process on NBC.

I actually had the DVD’s sitting around for a few days debating whether or not I should wait until I get back up to school to watch them, however on Wednesday, after catching up on some of the sleep I lost New Year’s Eve, while still feeling the effects of getting over a cold without sufficient rest, I popped season 1 in, and the journey began.

2 days later, I am mid way through the 3rd season (mind you, thats approximately 22 20 minute episodes, per season), and I realized that all the watching I was doing was cutting into the time I had been doing other things, including eating.

Thats right, I’ll cal it my Scrubs diet for a few reasons.

First off, no I’m obviously not inhaling the 2 pairs of scrubs I own from my working in the hospital 2 summers ago. Although I would have to believe they don’t contain a high calorie count.

I’ll call it my Scrubs diet first because any legit fan of the show knows every episode is titled “My (fill in the blank)”. The second and more logical reason is that watching scrubs has in fact reduced my food intake dramatically.

Today for instance, I woke up, showered, put in Scrubs and have not stopped since around 11:30. And what I have eaten today? 8 or 10 Hershey kisses.

Probably not part of your well balanced breakfast, however I get so wrapped in to these episodes that I actually lose the will to walk into my kitchen and make myself something. And when I do get off my bed and into the kitchen, the thought of taking the time to prepare a meal instead of watching another episode just doesn’t cut it with me.

And so I have decided that a break was in order, so I can blog it up.

So before I lose my battle in fighting off the urge to hit the play button and resume my Scrubs conquest, theres some stuff I’ve been wanting to write down so here goes.

Firstly, I forgot to make New Year’s resolutions.

I honestly cannot for the life of me understand how I forgot….


Seriously people?

New Year’s resolutions are an even bigger sham than Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy getting in on while the Easter Bunny watches and calls his friend Jesus to tell him that ITS ALL A CROCK OF SHIT.

Back in the day I definitely tried to make New Year’s Resolutions however I never:

Stopped cursing (HA)
Watched less TV
Got to the GYM more
Stopped eating Cheeseburgers
Put my schoolwork before my sports teams
Gave up racist jokes
Saved more money

etc, etc, etc

And for anybody who actually is pathetic enough to make a New Year’s resolution, find me somebody who was able to keep it until they were given another chance to make a new one a year later and I’ll go leave Milk and Cookies out for the fat man next December 24th.

This year I simply forgot to remember that the concept of New Year’s resolutions exist, and for that I am grateful.

And my resolution right now is to make sure I forget about resolutions each and every New Year for the rest of my life.

Moving on…

I was at the mall on Wednesday (yes I did break away from Scrubs for a few hours) and I could not believe how many kids were still not back at school, which was a big bummer because not only was I psyched to shop in an empty mall, but not seeing the high school kids would have reminded me how happy I am to finally be in college. Needless to say, there were brats all around, and I left the mall without any major purchases, as my shopping slump continues.

Yesterday proved that somebody is in fact watching over us…and if not us then definitely me because I have been bitching about how much I want to get back to Syracuse since the day i got home, and so yesterday Syracuse was brought to me.

The temperatures were below 20 degrees, and being outside was not anywhere to be found on my to-do list from yesterday.

I had to run out for a half hour to replace the broken mop in my apartment, and so when I did step foot outside, bundled up and prepared for an Alaskan winter, I sprinted as fast as I ever have from my front door, all the way to other side of the other tower where my car is located (a legit 2 full minute hike) hoping that between my layering and speed my body wouldn’t get the chance to actually feel how cold it really was.

And after I made it to my car in under 30 seconds, I forgot that the inside of my car does not heat up as quickly as one would have hoped, causing me to give a big thank you to those above for reminding me why I should enjoy the next 10 days I still have here at home.

And for a movie review, last night I saw Juno with some of my friends. I went in with moderate expectations, as the reviews were very good and the things I had been hearing from other friend who had seen it were positive.

However I was left feeling, well, nothing at all.

Juno is a movie about a 16 year old girl (Ellen Page) who is impregnated by her best friend (played by Michael Cera from Knocked Up.

The movie was clever and witty and smart for sequences, yet it was drawn out and seemed to flat line midway through.

The movie, in my opinion, simply had no pulse and left me feeling as though I had just seen the most mediocre movie of all time.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that it was a bad movie, because it wasn’t, however it was average at best. There were some pretty worthy performances from Page, Allison Janney (The West Wing), who plays Juno’s step mother, and J.K. Simmons (HBO’s Oz) who plays her father.

Overall I was just very unimpressed with the story and how it developed, as this upscale couple (Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman) look to adopt the baby Juno is carrying, yet things get complicated when there are questions as to whether or not they are ready to bring a baby into their family.

I don’t want to give anything away, but if you are looking to see it there are definitely some moments of intense awkwardness and uncomfortableness (made up word which fits better than discomfort).

In the end, I would have to give Juno and C+, although I would not be surprised if the female viewer leaves with a better feeling than the male viewer, not for any sexist reason but that seems to be the consensus I was getting.

And so the weekend is upon us, even though the college vacation in generally a 4 week long weekend, but the NFL playoffs start tomorrow, so my playoff picks cannot be left out of this blog.

Seattle over Washington 24-13
Jacksonville over Pittsburgh 20-17

Chargers over Titans 31-20
GIANTS over Bucs (sorry Scott) 21-10

Do I have no faith in these picsk? None what so ever.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m hungry,

and Scrubs is waiting.


January 4, 2008 - Posted by | Movies, Personal, Thoughts

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