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I am happy to report what while the current writers strike is ripping the entertainment industry a new tush-hole, the show goes on here at ‘Fier Thy Words’, mainly because I am not yet a member of the WGA…yet…but also because with many of your favorite shows either going into re-runs or biting the dust, you’ll have extra time on your hands to check in with me here at the blog.

And so, the beat goes on…

Among the abundance of things that we take for granted everyday are the people who bring us the television and movies that give us that all too necessary escape from our everyday lives.

Specifically, I am referring to the writers who are currently on strike, causing some big time problems for a number of our favorite shows.

I did some research on Wikipedia (where else would I go for the most trusted information on the web) and first I was amazed to find out that this strike has been going on for 9 weeks (it started November 5th). The network shows we love to watch (I’m assuming of course you all watch as much network and cable television as I do) have been unaffected as of now, although if you go on you can get a complete listing of how many episodes of each show are going to be aired, and among the shows listed, there is a notable show of mine missing: 24.

Thats right, we will not be seeing Jack Bauer this season, which really is unfortunate because 24 had apparently undergone a massive face lift, which included the return of my favorite character in 24 history, Tony Almeida.

The 24 website says that season 7 will return in 2008, which leads me to believe that maybe 24 will air in the fall. We can only hope.

But this strike really has been pissing me off because as I have previously discussed, television runs my life and fills up all of my free time and then some.

This week for instance is the first real blow from the writers strike which hits me close to home.

A few months ago, I was invited to watch a new show which on the surface had absolutely no appeal to me, and even when I agreed to watch this show I was skeptical about whether or now it was worth wasting an hour of my week. The show I’m talking about, which this Wednesday night will air the final new episode until further notice?

Gossip Girl.

After only 11 episodes in it’s inaugural season, Serena, Dan, Blair, Nate, Chuck and everyone else takes an extended vacation, leaving me with a huge void to fill at 9 o’clock on Wed. nights.

This is devastating because while I and the rest of my Gossip Girl die hards will most likely left with some big cliffhangers (apparently somebody is pregnant…uh ohhh), the show itself became a big hit, and now will fall 2 episodes even complete half-season.

Alright so no Jack Bauer, no Blair Waldorf.

While many are ready to assume that I may be on the verge of a mental breakdown, there is a glimmer of light which will serve as my saving grace over the next 5 months.

For all of the questionable television I insist on watching week after week, one program probably sticks out from the rest of the pack to people who think they know me.

About to enter it’s 7th season, this show is unscripted, unpredictable and the unquestioned number one show on TV year after year.

No, I’m not talking about Ghost Whisperer (although we are big fans of J-Love-Hewitt), I am referring to American Idol.

Thats right, not only do I shamefully love Gossip Girl, but you could argue the one show from January until June that I cannot miss under any circumstances, is American Idol.

I used to watch Idol up until the actual competition began, as the William Hung’s of the world kept me entertained as Simon, Randy and Paula came up with new ways to make these poor people walk away from their dreams and in all likelihood contemplate suicide.

But that all changed during season 5, when I became totally hooked watching the actual talent perform week after week. And much to my delight, being an unscripted show means AI will be unaffected, giving me my annual fix I cannot live without.

So I get to hold onto American Idol, but the bottom line is that this strike really is wrecking some serious havoc.

The last time the Writers Guild of American went on strike in 1988, is was estimated at 500,000,000 dollars of revenue was lost as a result in the entertainment industry.

Now the amount of money being lost is more or less completely irrelevant to me, but that strike lasted 21 weeks.

Mind you, thats almost half a year, meaning we could very well be losing the entire spring season of network television.

While there will be new episodes running for a few weeks, and reality shows going on uninterrupted, the big picture here is that from now until next fall, my school work may actually have to become a greater priority of mine. Imagine?

Some other quick thoughts about the writers strike-

The late night shows have been the subject of a lot of controversy, as all of them have returned to the air, most of which without their writers.

Now with the exception of the Daily Show and Colbert Report, the shows with their writers are not particularly funny. And while Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert do a great job, the lack of writing leaves them having to fill time with clips and extended interviews, which are not the trademarks these shows live and die by.

The strike is causing a lot of shows to end their seasons early, including another of my favorite shows, Scrubs.

For anybody who watches the show as religiously as I have started to, there is a possibility the show will have cut its 7th and final season abruptly without giving fans the proper ending executive producer Bill Lawrence had in mind.

Thats bullshit, and not only is Scrubs likely going to be negatively impacted, the awkwardness on the late night shows and the complete cancellation of shows like 24 are showing how sever this strike really is. And even though this strike will eventually reach an end with an agreement being reached, there may be permanent damage done, which is unfair to the viewers who have supported these shows as intently as they have, myself included.

Until the strike is resolved, and it appears as though the end is not anywhere in sight (I hope I’m wrong), I’ll have to give some serious thought into rearranging my focus from not missing my shows to not missing class.

As you can see, the urgency of reaching agreement extends beyond the entertainment world, as my education is now being brought into this mess.

For the sake of the loyal TV fans out there…

…and the continuation of my mediocre performance in school…

…we need those writers back as soon as possible…

…preferably before classes start on Monday.


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