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Good to be Back


Helllllllllllo and welcome back to school!!!!

Ok so I was saying that too myself, and I must say I couldn’t be happier back here in chilly Syracuse.

Being at home turned out to be alright- not half as bad as I was anticipating, however thanks to not one but two colds I caught I spent most of two weeks in bed doing nothing but watching Scrubs (6 and a half seasons biotch), drinking orange juice and peeing 12 times a day.

Recapping the 4 weeks that was my winter recess, other than the time I was sick, I managed to fit in some pretty good times.

I was able to get into the city a few times to do some shopping and see a few Knicks games. And while the Knicks were hardly worth my money or my time, I was lucky enough to see them play the Lakers and Kobe Bryant.

I was also lucky enough to snag two tickets to the Giants-Patriots game during the final week of the NFL season, where the undefeated Pats withstood a valiant effort from the Giants to complete the first undefeated 16 game season in league history. Combined with a great pre-game BBQ, the game itself was exciting and with the Giants almost winning, they have since used the game as a springboard for back to back playoff wins on the road.

I had committed myself to getting to the gym in my building everyday, and for the first 12 days of being home I was able to go every day but one. And then I got sick, got better, went to the gym twice, got sick again and never got back.

Now while I wasn’t able to go to the gym as often as I had hoped, I was able to eat relatively well, as as a result I actually got back up to school weighing a few pounds less than when I left for my vacation.

Without sharing specific numbers, because a lady never does so, since my heaviest point last summer I’ve lost more than 15 pounds. Some of that came off as the summer progressed and I spent all day in the sun running around, but between eating better and making some effort to exercise, I’m on the way to getting myself in shape.

Anywho, I was somehow lucky enough to be healthy for New Years, which was probably the high point of the break. I hosted a little shindig in my apartment, and the party seemed to go well. So well, that I invited a bunch of people back over 5 days later to polish off the leftover beverages.

My winter break was not really all that exciting, not that it ever is, however if you ignore the fact I had two pretty lousy weeks being sick, I actually was able to enjoy myself more than I expected to. I did some quality shopping, saw 2 Knicks game (and Kobe), an NFL team complete an undefeated season, threw two successful parties and even made time to lose some weight.

And so now I am back in Syracuse, where after two and half years I can actually say I feel more at home than I do in Queens.

I got my roommates plus the return of Rossy, making out little family up here complete again.

And we spent the first night together in style, watching the Giants beat Mike’s Cowboys in the big, beautiful house Rossy and I will be sharing next semester, while downing Pizza Hut (and Diet Pepsi, to keep things honest with myself).

Then of course I was reminded why being at home was not worth complaining about it, as I had to wake up at 7:30 this morning for my first class at 8:25.

Just a side fact, last semester my first class of the week was not until 3:45 Monday afternoon, and my schedule also ended Thursday afternoon at 3:20.

This semester as I pointed out in a past post, Monday, Wednesday and Friday- thats right- for the first time since Freshman year I have class on Friday- my day begins with class at 8:25, and is 2 hours long.

The good news is that after 6 weeks, I start my student teaching, 5 days a week. I found out today that the school day at Henninger High School begins at 7:55, meaning I need to be there by 7:45. I also am driving to the school with somebody else, so if you do the math I’ll most likely be waking up at 6:30 the latest.

Did I mention how happy I am to be back at school?


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