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The first bit of exciting news I would like to point out is that my roommate and good friend Matt Bravmann admitted to me last night he occasionally dabbles in reading my blog. So while my other roommate Mike continues to be an unsupportive bastard, at least I got one of them hooked. And by hooked I mean mildly interested when he has absolutely nothing else to do with his time. Either way, I’ll take it.

I got back to school last Sunday and with classes beginning for me at 8:25 Monday morning, there was no time for me to readjust. And so the week began with a 2 hour education class I have already deemed utterly worthless, as we are treated like 3rd graders by my professor who is downright out of her mind. In the 2 hours of class, we get 120 minutes of straight nonsense, without a break, and without anything meaningful being absorbed by anybody in the classroom.

In addition, we were treated with the standard first day ice breakers, and the ice breaker which I enjoyed the most was having a student pick a card out of a box with a random question on it. The three questions selected were:

-If you had one picture left on a camera and good take a picture of anything or anyone in the world, past or present, what would you take a picture of?
-If you were stranded on an island and could have only one book with you, what would it be?
-If you could meet and spend time with one person or a group of people, past or present, who would it be?

My way of dealing with these ridiculous attempts to have uninterested, half-sleeping 20 year olds get to know each other is by not taking the activity seriously and coming up with answers which if nothing else will get a few laughs from the audience. And with that in mind, these were my answers:

Picture- Gerry McNamara (most people chose things like their family or a picture from the top of Mount Everest while I chose a former Syracuse University basketball player)

Book- Goosebumps Night of the Living Dummy (most people again chose something like a bible, or catcher in the rye- noteworthy literature. I chose the first and only book I have read and enjoyed cover to cover)

Person- Jesus Christ. While some people in the class took my answer seriously, they clearly were unaware of my Jewish heritage and accompanying belief that Jesus means as much to me as keeping Kosher meant to Hitler. The other answers in the class ranged from famous musicians or people like the Pope or Mother Theresa.

It was a good time, and you had to be there to appreciate it.

The rest of my week as far as classes were concerned was more or less uneventful. I went to Math and was reminded why I dropped it a year ago. I was lost within the first 10 minutes, and despite taking notes and paying attention, asking me to tell you what I learned would be speechless. I have no idea what I learned, or how im pulling off a C in this class.

My schedule breaks down as such- 3 education classes and a math class (I dropped my history class after the first day because my professor was having us write a 3 page paper for every class we missed, regardless of reason. I also had 18 credits on my schedule, and with student teaching this semester I wasn’t in the mood to work that hard for a class I didn’t care about.

And speaking of student teaching, I went to my placement school and met the teacher I will be working with for 7 weeks, and he is a really nice, down to earth, laid back guy who seems to be exactly the kind of teacher I want to be. I’ll stop short of hoping he becomes a sort of mentor of mine (yes, another Scrubs reference, get used to them) but he definitely has the style and demeanor I want to have, and the kids seemed to really like him.

The best part of student teaching is that while it is 5 days a week for 3 hours in the morning, it takes the place of my 8:25 class 3 days a week, and despite the extra 2 days a week, its a move I am ecstatic to make.

Overall being back at school has gone about as well as I could have hoped, so hopefully things continue to progress accordingly.

And just when you thought I was wrapping up this post, I’m just getting started.

The weather this week has been miserable, and while I realize I go to Syracuse, the cold weather and snow is difficult to get used to. Combine that with the fact that before i got back up here I had 2 weeks of temps anywhere from the high 30s to 60, having constant 20s with snow and wind has forced me back into hibernation mode.

The plus side to that is the additional TV I get to watch, but thanks to the ongoing writers strike that has taken a hit.

As i pointed out a few posts ago, 24 was supposed to have debuted last Sunday, but instead Fox premiered the Sarah Connor Chronicles, which is as appealing to me as eating cold stone without my lactaid pills. Yea, you do the math.

And while I was left without 24, I was reminded why Fox is still my go-to network in the spring, because the 7th season of American Idol started up this past week. And nobody was happier than I was, because over the past two years I have transformed into a complete die-hard Idol fan, and so getting 4 hours over 2 nights of Ryan, Randy, Paula and Simon was music to my ears, literally and figuratively.

My early thoughts are that Simon seems to be in as good a mood as he has ever been, and the talent itself has yet to really blow me way. I think the judges feel some pressure after the Sanjaya debacle last year, then again with what they are making I doubt they honestly care. That being said, while the 2 nights provided the usual freaks and nut-jobs, not to mention a memorable performance by the Asian guy the 2nd night at the end singing to Simon about being Brothers forever (check it out on youtube if they have it), Idol seemed to lack the punch it has had in the past. Its only the first week, and I’m sure between now and the finale and June, there will be plenty to talk about.

At this point I know 24 wont be on for a long, long time and while shows like American Idol are unaffected, this writers strike continues to be a pain in the ass, and with new Scrubs episodes airing this Thursday, I am getting more and more concerned the final season of this show is going to be ruined somehow. It also shows you how dependent I am on television, as most people could probably care less when it comes to how long this strike will continue.

Has anybody else noticed the assortment of crap playing at the movies these days? At the top of my list is Cloverfield, which actually got a handful of good reviews looks absolutely dreadful, and after hearing the credits roll only just over 70 minutes in, the Godzilla-Independence Day combination of garbage that is Cloverfield is one movie I’ll be missing out on. Elsewhere, 27 Dresses looked like it had potential after the first preview I saw, but the more I saw the more it looks like the most stereotypical romantic comedy with predictable dialogue and an ending we can all assume is happily ever after. Other movies out right now I wont be wasting my money on: One Missed Call (why was this movie made), First Sunday (I have nothing against a good black comedy- Barbershop was awesome- but this looks painfully bad), and even though its no longer age appropriate- Alvin and Chipmunks, which is certainly a questionable career choice for the very talented Jason Lee.

Finishing off with some random thoughts:

-doing laundry at school compared to having my mother do it for me at home is a harder transition than waking up at 7:30 in the morning.
-The Knicks actually won 3 games in a row
-I still don’t care, and fans still need to stop showing up
-Dining hall food here at Syracuse might be the biggest rip off in the $40,000+ we pay to go here. The biggest insult is that I am being FORCED to pay for a 5 meal a week plan despite the fact I have a kitchen on my floor and no desire to step foot in another dining hall between now and the time I graduate.
-I spent last Sunday in the house I will be living in next year, and I am counting down the days until I can call it my own (even if its only for 10 months)
-Being an education major is a joke, and anybody capable of reading a textbook and writing the English language on a blackboard is qualified to teach.

Last but not least, my NFL Championship Sunday picks..

Through the first two rounds of the Playoffs, I have a combined record of 7-1. And while I am a Jets fan at heart, I am also biased towards the Giants and root for them game in, game out with the lone exception being the one time every 4 years the Jets and Giants meet.

That being said, I did not take my rooting interest into picking them 2 weeks in a row, and I will continue to pick according to my gut.

The Championship games come loaded with great story lines.

The first and biggest of course is the now 17-0 Patriots looking to continue their run of perfection into Super Sunday against a Chargers team who is coming off an upset of the Peyton Manning led Colts. The Chargers have been running their mouthes and talking a big game, but the status of starters Phillip Rivers and Ladanian Tomlinson is up in the air, although I would be shocked if both don’t play.

The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field will be exactly that tomorrow, with Temperatures expected to be below zero. The crusty old veteran Brett Favre looks to continue his magically season with a 3rd Super Bowl appearance, while little bro Manning looks to match big bro’s heroics last season. Eli, after all the criticism he has taken, has Big Blue on the verge of one of the more unlikely Super Bowl runs in history.

And so without further adieu, the picks:


Pats over Chargers, final score 31-21


Packers over Giants, final score 17-14

I would be surprised if the Patriots don’t take care of business, however anything can happen in negative 12 degree Green Bay, and with the Giants making it as far as they have, I hope my prediction is wrong, and Eli and the Giants get a second chance to put an end to New England’s pursuit of perfection, while doing it on the biggest stage of them all.

Regardless of what happens, one way or the other, it should be a great day of football i’m sure will be one of the more memorable in recent history.


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