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A Distrubing New Trend In My Life



There are a few things which have always been synonymous with Adam Fier.

The Mets. Sports. Watching too much television. Underachieving in school. McDonald’s and the #2 extra value meal (2 cheeseburgers). And possibly the one thing that you could always associate with me which without fail could always be found in my refrigerator was Coca Cola.

My best friend Joe and I, throughout all of middle and high school and even into college probably consumed enough Coke to earn stock in the company. I’m talking about multiple cans a day when we were home, and then the largest sizes conceivable when going out to the mall or a restaurant or baseball game, etc.

I honestly cannot come up with a metaphor which would accurately describe just how much Coca-Cola I used to drink, and continued to drink up until about 2 months ago.

At first, I tried cutting back, which basically meant limiting myself to a can a day or attempting to only order the smaller sizes while resisting the always tempting free refill. Is there anybody out there who doesn’t rank the free-refill among the greatest decisions the restaurant business has ever come up with?

The problem with Coke is how addictive it is, and how dependent you can become on the caffeine (I didn’t know thats how it was spelled either).

And while you can make all the clever connections to the drug, I can tell you first hand that the headaches I started to get when I first stopped drinking Coke were similar to the headaches I get when my mother starts asking me how to use the computer in our house thats been sitting there for over two years now.

However in going along with my efforts to revolutionize my diet, the first big step I took was cutting out Coke all together.

Now this was during Thanksgiving break 2 months ago, and to this day I can say with 100% honesty, I have not had a single sip of regular soda since the day I got back to school this past November.

Initially, my first ideas were to just stop drinking all soda, and replace them with water and a variety of juices. Little did I know that Juices, for all the nuritional value they offer you, contain almost as many calories as soda. So my Juicy Juice I started getting hooked on (fruit punch flavored, just like back in the day when it was center piece of my brown bagged lunches) was actually not all that much better for me than Soda, as far as trying to shed some pounds were concerned.

I had flirted in the past with trying diet soda’s, however I had become so used to the exceptionally sweet taste of regular soda that I was just unable to adjust to the alien-like tastes of a diet beverage. And if you you think Coke Zero had a chance, the after taste it gives you made me miss the morning breathe I worked so hard to brush away earlier in the morning.

I finally decided that after 6 or 7 weeks of being soda free to give diet soda another chance, hoping that since it had been so long since I had a sip of a cola of any kind, my tastes would have changed enough to tolerate a change.

Starting with Sprite zero, which I can tell you tastes an awful lot like Sprite, was a good way to get my feet wet in this whole process. However the biggest and most shocking transition took place less than 2 weeks ago, when I was at the dining hall and decided to give Diet Pepsi a second go around.

There were two main problems I had with Diet Pepsi. The first and most obvious was the fact that it was a diet drink with an awful after taste I couldn’t stand. The second problem was my loyalty to Coca-Cola brand products (which is why I only drink Dasani water if I have a choice), and even though Syracuse is a Pepsi campus, I always used to make sure my fridge was stocked with Coke.

However on this night, a shift was made and a new era begun, as I legitimately enjoyed that watered down sampling of Diet Pepsi, so much so I considered getting a refill (but ultimately declined because I was too lazy to get back up).

And maybe you’re thinking, “we’ll thats ok Adam, it was a one-time deal, what are the chances it will stick?”

Well the very next day, I went to the vending Machine and spent $1.50 on a Diet Pepsi for the first time in my existence. Never before has money from my pocket been spent towards a diet beverage of any kind, yet there I was, willingly succumbing to the power which was taking over me, known as Diet Pepsi.

Since then, I have been back to the dining hall where I again got myself some DP and then went food shopping the other day and bough a 12 pack, officially marking the beginning of a new age in my life.

I can’t say I’m proud of myself, because Diet Pepsi goes against everything I stand for, not to mention the fact that all I keep hearing about is how Diet soda leaves you at a higher risk of getting cancer thanks to the Nutrasweet. However as I sit here right now, slightly parched and in need of a cold, refreshing beverage to quench my thirst, all I can think about (no, not the chemotherapy I probably am now destined for), but that small little baby blue can of goodness, known as Diet Pepsi.

While Coke will forever hold a very special place in my heart, I no longer dream about those cute, computer generated polar bears at the North Pole, guzzling down a icey cold Coke.

In fact the more I think about it, maybe the reason those guys are slowly becoming extinct has nothing at all to do with Global Warming.

Maybe its time they, like me, made the switch to the dark side. And of course when I say dark side…

dp-can.jpg…I mean beautiful baby blue side.


January 26, 2008 - Posted by | Personal

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  1. I used to drink tons of Mt. Dew. And one day, I just decided to kick the habit. The resulting caffeine headaches where killer, but once I got past those I felt great.

    Comment by Caffeine Addiction | March 5, 2008 | Reply

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