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I have to apologize because this past week I have been incredibly lazy and failed to post a single original thought of mine.

For whatever reason, despite having a handful of things I wanted to talk about, I was unable to get myself in the mood, and it got so bad that I almost forgot to post Scott’s weekly article, which would have been bad considering I pay him for the rights to reprint them.

Ok so I don’t pay him (although I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a phone call from him now asking for a check), but the point is, I want to apologize for being so lazy, especially as I see the number of hits my blog gets increase every day.

Amazingly, as the new site wraps up it’s 3rd full week, I have over 600 visits to the site (which do not include when I post) meaning that on average I’m getting 200 hits a week- which if you do your math (I certainly don’t) it comes out to almost 30 hits a day.

Now I have no clue if that means 30 different people are actually checking out this blog or the same 3 people think its fun to refresh the page and see how many times they can raise my hits count until they get bored of doing so.

Either way, it means people are in fact reading this, which is exactly why I started this, and exactly why I have no desire to stop anytime soon.

A funny story actually, i got an instant message from a friend of mine who we’ll refer to as Ross Kohan, telling me that he googled his name and the very first hit that came up was a link to my old blog.

Now I don’t know about you, but first off- thats pretty damn cool, secondly- you know you have all tried googling yourself (and if you haven’t you really should) and lastly, it just validates how ridiculously cool it is that my stupid little blog actually pops up as a legit website on Google.

Anyway, a little preview of whats to come in the coming days and weeks will feature a new category which will be all about the upcoming election.

I know that will come as a shock to almost all of you, because I am as political minded as I am confident around women.

However, I have taken a huge interest in the election thanks in large part to my roommate Matt who made the great comparison between elections and a sporting event. I know it sounds simple, but this election is filled with big names, big issues and bigger story lines.

So I have been doing a lot of research online about the candidates and the issues and I plan on sharing all of it over the next few days, week and months, and of course next fall when the election approaches I plan on keeping anybody who reads this up to date.

I figure that some if not most of you are a lot like me in the sense that politics and especially the upcoming election is a waste of our time considering our votes dont really matter despite what we’re told, however the truth is our country is at a crossroads like never before, and like it or not, we are living through one of the biggest political, economic and particularly social tranisitions our country has ever seen.

And what I find fascinating is the fact that we are going to witness potential history with the possibility of the first African American or Female President, and even you don’t have any interest in either candidate, the bottom line is that this election is going to lead our country into the true beginning of the 21st century, as our current President seems to be doing all he can to send us backwards towards the last one.

So my primary objective is inform those of you who either don’t know much or don’t care about this upcoming election if for no other reason than to give you some knowledge to impress your parents with. Plus if it helps you make an informed decision about who to vote for, even better.

So other then the election, I also am working on a big post concerning the seemingly near end to the writers strike, another Knicks rant because we can’t have enough of those, lots and lots of Mets with baseball season right around the corner, by the end of March I’ll have a full baseball 2008 preview filled with predictions, and last but not least I have a handful of pretty solid top 10 lists in the works which will be just like the one I came up with on my favorite TV characters of all time, which was pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

And so, I once again cannot stress enough how much I dig the support I get, and once again I’ll invite those of you who do take some time out of your day to check out my blog to post some comments once in a while to liven things up. You can post them anonymously if you’re shy but either way I would love to get some feedback straight on the blog on anything and everything you think or want to say.

I’ll be checking back in real soon.

Thanks again everyone!

Love you all-


(yea I have over 600 hits officially making me too cool to spell out my whole name…deal with it)


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  1. im looking forward to your political analysis and commentary.

    love from israel

    Comment by KipaKid | February 11, 2008 | Reply

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