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The Next American Idol Is…


I don’t often brag about saying I told you so, however I was talking with my stepfather Paul (another big time American Idol fan) and told him that the kid he needs to look out for is this little 17 year old David Archuleta.  This was after he auditioned.

Am I ashamed that

A) I watch American Idol

B) Like it enough that I actually talk about it publicly during my free time

C) I am so into American Idol that I predict who will be going home each week as if I am making NFL picks on a Sunday?

The answer to all of the above would of course be no.

Anyway, after his performance last night, which you really should be able to appreciate if for no other reasons than the kid can “blow” as Randy Jackson would say and the song choice is one of the most famous songs ever recorded.

I said DURING the song that it might have been one of the best performances ever on Idol, and sure enough the judges agreed and I was reading online in some of the papers who said the same thing.

So I will say it now, with 20 contestants left, that David Archuleta will be this years American Idol.


February 27, 2008 - Posted by | Television

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