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Ok, so if you haven’t heard by now, I had my Spring Break taken away from me this year thanks to the Syracuse University School of Education.

I am part time student teaching right now, and because my kids aren’t off from school again until the middle of April, and because the kids are in school, I have to be in school, regardless of my schedule.

And while being completely alone up here since Thursday night hasn’t been ideal, it also hasn’t been half as bad as I was expecting.

Saturday I went to the basketball game at the dome (which we won) with a fellow teacher-to-be, my man Frank-the-tank, or as I have started calling him, Francis (even though his given name is in fact Frank).

Friday and Saturday night I had dinner with Rossy and his girlfriend (Saturday night his dad took us all out to a really nice steakhouse, which was a really unexpected treat).

So having him around kept me sane through most of the weekend.

Sunday was pretty much status quo for me, as I woke up late, watched TV and went foodshopping at Wegmans. The only difference there was that I usually go with my roommate Matt (and occasionally Mike too) but this time I was shopping for myself, by myself.

And i still managed to spend 80 dollars on food for the week. Nice job, fatass.

Today was back to work, up at 6:45 while my roommates were both comfortably sleeping in their beds at home, presumably with several more hours before they saw the sun.

I’ve been out in the field (the fancy term they use, which makes me sound like I belong on CSI as opposed to in the classroom) now for almost 2 weeks, and so far things couldn’t be going better.

I really like all 3 of the classes I teach, and while responding to Mr. Fier is still taking some getting used to, the kids all seem to really like me, probably because I am yet to find the strength within to get mad at them.

My host teacher is great, and has allowed me to take full control of the classroom which has been great.

I thought that once I started doing some actual teaching I was going to be nervous or anxious but I’ve felt nothing to be comfortable and calm, probably because of how easy my job has been so far.


I’ve unbelievably lazy with my blog since spring break started (haha get it?)

…but seriously

However, I overheard a conversation today which was definitely blog worthy, and just reinforced to me how funny kids can be.

Without naming names, one of the boys in my class today was telling my host teacher about how he hot himself suspended for 3 days.

What did he do you ask?

He was caught feeling up a female student.

Upon being caught, the teacher who witnessed everything pulled him aside and bluntly said to the kid, “how would you like it if I just stuck my hand in your pants and grabbed your penis?”

His response?

“well, I’d probably like it”

I don’t know if that translates as funny in print as it did in person, however I was practically in tears laughing, and even writing up the story again now I’m still struggling to hold back laughter.

My host teacher and I both agreed that his suspension probably should have been cut down a day for the answer he gave.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Another story, not as funny but equally as surprising was hearing that two kids were caught having sex in a stairwell a few weeks ago, and since then the boy was suspended and the girl hasn’t showed up in school.

These stories would be the highlight of my day but I enjoy myself for all of the 3 hours I’m teaching, as I have been lucky enough to be placed with not only a terrific host teacher who is…well…teaching me a whole heck of a lot when it comes to procedures and classroom management…but I’ve also been lucky enough to get 3 classes with some of the funniest kids (mind you, they’re between the ages of 14 and 17) who crack me up and make my job all the more enjoyable.

I never thought I’d say this but I honestly cannot wait until I start teaching full time, because if I have half as much fun then as I’m having now (and in between all the fun there is a lot of work that does get done, then I’ll be all set.

Let the countdown begin.


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