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Mr., Your Clothes Don’t Match


I think I’ll always remember today as the day I went from part-time student teacher to Mr. Fier.

Today was a big day folks.

Not only was I observed by my professor for the first time since I started teaching, but my host teacher was out sick, meaning the classroom was all mine, and the spotlight was shining bright.

I woke up earlier than I normally do, and waking up at 6:30 now that we pushed the clocks ahead last weekend means it is as dark outside when I wake up as it is when I go to bed.

This morning, before leaving for school, I was nervous for the first time since I started. I knew I was being watched by the person responsible for passing me and sending me to my full time assignment next semester, but I was doing so without the safety net that is my host teacher.

Blame it on nerves, or maybe a one day lapse in fashion sense, my outfit today (which when I left looked fine) apparently was as coordinated as two blind drunks trying to dance with one another.

Blue blazer, pink shirt with purple stripes (for those of you with me on New Years, the shirt I wore that night) and a purple tie with pink circle things on it.

In hindsight, striped shirt and dotted tie was mistake number one, the navy blue blazer didn’t really mesh well with the shade of purple the tie had, and to top it off my pants were a dark beige.

I know that must sound atrocious in print, however in person it really didn’t look bad.

Last time I trust my own judgment at 7:15 in the morning.

We’ll get back to that a little bit later…

I worked hard in preparing a lesson for my students that would demonstrate to my professor the progress I was making, and I thought I did a pretty solid job.

The kids not only did their work, but didn’t give me much of a hard time doing it.

There were a few tense moments for me, whether it was my professor pacing around the classroom during group work trying to help the kids finish their guided notes (fill-in-the-blank notes), the handful of kids who only get work done with their ipods on, and the girl who upon hearing the student she was paired with shouting out, “ahhh fuck, not him”- with my professor sitting right behind her.

Normally, I don’t mind if a student swears, as long as its nothing offensive and nothing graphic, however I felt as though every little thing I was doing was being picked apart, so I had to get mad at this girl, marking the first time in over 2 weeks I’ve raised my voice.

But things were going well, students were actually responding to me better than they normally would my host teacher, which was a good feeling.

However in the middle of the students doing their group work, one girl randomly shouts out to me

“hey Mr.- you know you’re clothes don’t match?”

I played it cool, saying something like…”well, I tried”

Another student said to me, don’t listen to her, she’s crazy, which made me feel a little better)

I thought the issue was dead, until my second class of the day, when a student was staring at me, and told me that without the blazer, he’d give me thumbs up, but with it, thumbs down.

So i stopped the class and pointed out to everyone that “it was brought to my attention my clothes don’t match today. I apologize, and will try harder on Monday”

The whole thing made me laugh, and the kids all seemed to have fun with it, poking fun at me in a light way.

The best part of the day came in that second class, when a student from my first class who didn’t feel like showing up to his scheduled class at that time, referred me as his favorite teacher.

Maybe he was exaggerating, as it has only been 2 weeks, but he is one of a large handful of students I’ve developed a great rapport with, joking around and actually using to help me get the rest of the class to do what I ask.

It was a great feeling, and between being told that and getting made fun of for my fashion fopaux, for the first time I felt like to some degree (and pardon the corny cliche) I felt like I had made it.

My professor told me that aside from a few issues with the content itself I was presenting, she thought I did a great job, and made specific mention to how well I’m able to handle my students.

Tomorrow I’m taking pictures of everything from my school to my classrooms, hopefully some of my kids and of course myself in action (outfit pending) so I’ll make sure to post those if you’re wondering what it’s like for Mr. Fier at Henninger High School.


March 13, 2008 - Posted by | Student Teaching

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