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My Spring Break


It never came, but now it’s gone.

My Spring Break 2008 that wasn’t actually a Spring Break at all has come to a close, and I gotta be honest, it wasn’t bad at all.

Last Thursday night, my roommates packed up and headed home, unofficially beginning 10 nights and 9 days of solitude in my suite, and while Mike and Matt were hopefully enjoying the comforts of being home, I actually enjoyed sticking around.

The highlights from my “Spring Break” include:

  • Syracuse basketball game last Saturday against Marquette, which we won.
  • Prime Steakhouse, the fanciest restaurant of any kind I’ve been to up here in Syracuse, was the spot for dinner later that night with Rossy, his girlfriend and his dad. Easily one of the best meals I’ve head in my 2 and half-plus years going here.
  • 5 very solid days of student teaching, including being observed by mt professor which went as good as it could have, as well as having my host teacher miss a day being sick, leaving me completely in charge of both my classes that day.
  • Watched “No Country For Old Men”, winner of the Academy Award this year for best picture.
  • Cleaned my entire suite including a much needed vaccumning of the living room and a scrubbing of the bathroom.
  • Got to watch both nights of American Idol undisturbed, which was more important than you can imagine.
  • Finally spent some quality time with some of the other education majors, including two really fun nights of shenanigans.
  • Those nights including Frank and myself literally “running the table” last night, going a perfect 5-0 on the pong table.
  • Took pictures of my big, beautiful campus, and rediscovered how much I really do love it up here (at least when its not snowing outside)
  • Amazingly got some actual school work done, marking the first time in 3 years I so much as looked at any sort of educational material for any subject during the week of Spring Break. Not proud of it, but certainly helped.
  • Was able to keep my morning and evening television routines very much intact, which include watching back to back episodes of “Will and Grace” from 11 to 12 in the morning, and watching back to back episodes of “Two and a Half Men”. I don’t know why but I have become obsessed with both, although that shouldn’t be much of a surprise when you consider how much television I actually watch.
  • Successfully cooked myself at least one meal a day, and avoided fast food for all but one meal this week, when I ordered Chinese for lunch on Wednesday. I currently weigh less than I have in since first semester freshman year, and have lost roughly 20 pounds since the beginning of camp last summer. (Thank you Diet Pepsi).

The week wasn’t bad at all, and the only thing which bothered me of course was not getting the chance to go home and see the family. But had I gone home, most of my friends didn’t have the same Spring Break as I did, so I would have ended up spending a lot of time by myself at home, as opposed to by myself here.

And thinking about it, staying here allowed me to have some pretty good times (the last 2 nights for sure) and hang out with some people from my education classes I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to hang out with. We got some crazy but seriously fun people who will soon be teaching the children of this country. Look out.

And so, my Spring Break up in Syracuse probably went about as well as it could have when you consider that nearly all of the students were home, leaving campus alone to the Education majors student teaching as well as the fact that while the weather was probably warm and sunny down in Mexico, we had our usual fair share of snow and cold.

With everybody returning today, things should be be returning pretty much back to normal around here, which after 9 days of being master of my domain (Seinfeld reference anyone?), I feel like I’m about as excited about that as I was initially to be alone.

I think I’m actually going to miss my Spring Break, even though I never really had it to begin with.

Go figure.


March 16, 2008 - Posted by | Personal

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