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My Homemade Spring Break


I’ll admit, I’ve gotten lazy of late, however I actually sat down last night, and drew up an essay-like outline for things I want to write about, and some changes/additions I want to make to the blog.

Last week was tough, as I was pretty overwhelmed with school work (a rarity for me, not because I generally don’t get a lot of work- I do…but because I rarely spend a lot of time doing/caring about it).

That being said, I had a handful of really long, really pointless education assignments to complete, so I took care of them with my usual minimal effort, the difference being all of my education work is tedious, and because I probably have ADD, I couldn’t spend the time getting it done quickly.

Anyway, after the education department here took away my spring break, I decided that with Good Friday became a good opportunity to take a ride home for 3 days.

Let me point out that it should have been 4 days, however my professor who runs the university end of my student teaching placement, decided that because the public schools up here were off yesterday, it provided a great chance for my class to meet at our regularly scheduled time (8:25-10:25), something nobody in my class was all too pleased with.

I even took the time to write my professor a pity email asking to be excused from class so I could spend some time with my family- and those of you know me knows that requires more than just a day- because the lack of a spring break prevented me from doing so.

Well, apparently i failed to strike an emotional chord with her, as she told me because seeing my family wasn’t a legal excuse, I wouldn’t be excused from class.

The ironic part of all of this is that the same professor preached to us that for the 6 and a half weeks we are student teaching, we are supposed to follow the schedule of our schools, however she felt justified in making us come in anyway.

So my 4 day weekend was a 3 day weekend, and I did what I could to make the best of it.

I had great company on my rides to and from, as my friend Laura tagged along.

Laura had been an education major up until this semester, when that lovely school of edcuation here told her at the very last minute- after placing her in a city school- that her grades weren’t enough to student teach.

So I hadn’t seen much of her this semester, which sucked because Laura is like the sister I never had- she loves sports, watches a lot of the same garbage TV I, eats like no other human being I’ve ever met, has the same disregard for being “politically correct” I have, so naturally we became friends right off the bat freshman year.

Our rides were great, both of them quick as the 4 hours of each flew by.

We had great music, courtesy of my ex girlfriend’s CD’s I hadn’t touched since breaking up, however I forgot how enjoyable 80’s music is, so blasting songs like Karma Chameleon had us singing and probably causing fellow drivers to assume we were mentally challenged.

We made pit stops at Subway and Wendy’s (which like the commercial says, really is “wayyyy better than fast food”), and so before we knew it we were home and back at school Thursday night and Sunday night.

Being home for some reason is a bigger adjustment for me than returning to school.

It takes longer to get reacquainted with my bed and bathroom at home, yet when I get back up to school it feels like I never left.

Upon getting home, I was informed that a registered sex offender has been living in the apartment directly above us.

Apparently the guy was convicted 12 years of inappropriately touching an 8 year old girl (I guess I don’t tickle his fancy).

Unfortunately, thew strange noises I’ve been hearing from the apartment above mine since moving in now officially creep me out.

One of the plus sides of making a quick trip home is being spoiled with great food, whether it was the best pizza and bagels on the planet, to a fancy steak dinner Friday night with my Dad and that half of fam, to Cheesecake Factory, First Edition (best wings in Queens) and the North Shore Diner all did the job.

Of course the standard trip to Applebees took place late Friday night as we celebrating the 21st birthday of my favorite triplets (Andrew and McLaufin).

I got back to the gym for the first time in a few months, yet somehow I continue to shed the lbs. (down to an even 170 for the first time since Freshman year or maybe even high school).   Ran 2 miles, played basketball and then met up with Joe and played baseball for a few hours in the afternoon, making it the most active day I’ve had since field day in 5th grade.

I saw plenty of Joe and any time we’re both home from school it seems we always- without fail- manage to eat like garbage and get out to the mall, which was accomplished.

Other than that, I watched a lot of the tournament, although not having my Orange participate for the 2nd straight year leaves me pretty uninterested in the results.

I did fill out brackets, and entering the sweet 16 I have 7 of 8 Elite 8 teams standing, and my Final Four is very much intact.

Sunday morning, after getting 10 hours of sleep for the first time since….honestly can’t remember when…I had back to back fantasy baseball drafts, which only got me more excited for the Mets getting back to business on Monday.

And so, I got back up to school Sunday night, having had a vacation far too short, only to have to wake up early the next day (yesterday) and sit through 2 hours of absolutely uselessness.

There was a bright spot, and I mention this only to get this quote in…when a fellow student teaching buddy of mine shared something his host teacher said to a student asking how long an essay needed to be…

The teacher replied:

“About as long as a girl’s skirt…long enough to cover the topic, but short enough to keep it interesting”.

And that my friends, is why the Syracuse City School District is as poor as it.

Gotta love it, though.


March 25, 2008 - Posted by | Personal


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  2. I love that quote at the end. I’ll have to pass that on to my peoples here. Too bad about the spring “break”. Of course mine was long but had too much work involved, so I don’t know which is that much better.

    Comment by Alex | March 26, 2008 | Reply

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