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The Top 10, More beatles and More Surprises on Idol


I have two weeks worth of Idol to attend to, so I won’t waste anytime.

Last week, American Idol brought back a theme for a second consecutive week, and ever there a worthy theme of deserving such a fate, The Beatles certainly would be an appropriate choice.

The top 12, before David Hernandez was sent packing, did a great job with songs like “Eleanor Rigby” and “Let it Be”, however last week the Beatles songs didn’t recieve the send off they deserved.

Amanda Overmeyer sung “Back in the U.S.S.R.”, and ended up being the one to leave.

I can’t say I was overly surprised, as her raspy voice had been growing old quickly, and while she as unique a contestant as the has ever had, her performances felt redundant.

My favorite to win, David Archuleta came back strong after tripping up the lyrics to “We Can Work it Out” by belting out a beautiful rendition of “The Long and Winding Road”.

David Cook, who has put himself near the top of the list of contenders to win this season, re-arranged “Day Tripper”, following up an even more impressively rearranged version of “Eleanor Rigby”.

Brooke White sang “Here Comes the Sun” and while the judges trashed her performance as awkard, I sort of liked it, and American agreed as she was around another week.

While the Beatles and Amanda Overmeyer were history, the top 10 took to the stage again last night, this week with the theme being the year they were born.

It was definitely strange to hear some the contestants sing songs from my birth year (1987) as well as David Archuleta singing a song from the 90’s! (I really must be getting old)

On the whole, the top 10 was much stronger as a group than they were last week, so lets break down who should be safe, who should be worried, and who should be going home.

Thanks to my friends at youtube (not that I know any of the people who posted these videos…but thank you for doing so…I’ve included video of all the performances from last night if you’re interested)

Safe for another week

David Cook– David has been coming through week after week with these risky, daring arrangements of well known songs, and last night, he performed a version of the Michael Jackson hit “Billie Jean” that was as enjoyable as it was strange. The judges all agreed he had taken a major risk, but it worked out for him. He has put himself among the top 3 or 4 singers, and should get comfortable on that stage because he’s going to be on it for a long time.

Michael Johns-After a few off weeks, Michael was back last night, singing a Queen remix of “We are the Champions” and “We will Rock You”. He finally showed off his powerful voice, as Randy pointed out, and he impressed Paula and Simon as well, as he put himself right back in the mix. He voice is definitively superior to a number of the other singers, and he really showed it off last night. Without question, safe for another week.

David Archuleta– while he didn’t sing a song I was familiar with, nor was it by any means his best performance, like Paula said, he could sing the phone book and we would love it. Last night, he sang “You’re The Voice”, and the video I’m including adds the video they show before David sings, which if you haven’t already fallen in love with him, watch him dance with his sister when he was a little kid. Singing wasn’t his best, but he’s still my favorite to win.

I Would Be Surprised If Any Of These People Go Home

Carly Smithson– Carly sung an all time favorite song of mine, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, made famous for me of course in the hit comedy Old School. I thought Carly was better than the Judges thought she was, and after being the surprise of last week, ending up in the bottom 3, I would think she was more than good enough last night to survive another week, but you never know with this show. All in all, I thought she was very good.

Jason Castro– Back with his guitar, Jason sounded very good, but short of great. He has one of the most underrated voices this season, however his performances haven’t been off the charts the last few weeks. I would be shocked if he was in the bottom three this week, although he wasn’t one of the more memorable performers last night. He continues to be a sleeper pick to hang around awhile. Last night he sang “Fragile”, which the judges were on the fence about it. America probably feels the same way, but look for him to avoid the bottom 3.

Brooke White– Singing “Every Breathe You Take”, Brooke was better than last week (when I thought she wasn’t as bad as the judges felt she was) and her voice just continues to have this real authentic feel to it. While she is undoubtedly a very talented singer, she sometimes seems to lack that star quality needed to win the competition, and that could hurt her with votes, as occasionally she is forgettable. Overall, she was good enough last night, and shouldn’t find herself in trouble tonight.

I would be worried if I was….

Syesha Mercado– Syesha sounded as good as she ever had last night, but for me at least, she just doesn’t seem to have that “it” for lack of a better term. She can sing, shes pretty, but she isn’t on par with the six people mentioned already. That being said, she sang “If I was your Woman” last night and sounded great, but when the votes are counted, she could easily be among the three with the lowest.

Kristy Lee Cook– Amazingly, I think Kristy Lee sang her out of the bottom three last night. Simon was dead on when he said she came up with one of the most clever song selections, singing “God Bless The U.S.A.”. Not only was the selection great, but she sounded great. Unfortunately, she has found herself in the bottom two the last two weeks, so I don’t know if she was strong enough last night to get herself out of the hole she burried herself in with that awful arrangement of “Eight Days A Week”. Could be in the bottom 3 tonight, could go home, but my gut feeling is she’s safe for another week.

Chikezie– Not a lot I can say about Chikezie. I haven’t been a fan of his since he made the top 24, yet as he remains one of the last 10 standing, his days are numbered. Last night he sang “If Only For One Night”, and sounded OK at best. He somehow managed to survive this long, so surviving another week isn’t an impossibility, especially because he was probably second to last on my list of people most likely to go home tonight.

My Pick To Go Home This Week is….

Ramiele Malubay– Apparently she was sick last night, and actually sounded ok despite it, but if it were up to me I would be sending her home. Chikezie is a close second, but for some reason I feel like America has had enough of her “im cute and sort of clueless” act. She has a big voice, but failed to deliver a performance worth remembering.  She sang “Alone”, and should be standing that way at the end of the show tonight, singing her way home.

And so, while I could easily see Chikezie, Syesha or Kristy potentially in the bottom 3 and going home…Ramiele is my pick tonight.  I was wrong the first week and last week I honestly believed it was Amanda’s time to go, so im 1-2 so far.  We’ll see what happens.

American Idol , Fox 9 P.M.

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