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April Fools: Spring Hits Syracuse



I put some seriously thought into writing a long entry about something completely fictional, you know, like I found out I’m passing math (which to date I actually am) or I woke up realizing I’ve had a secret love for the Yankees all my life, but I couldn’t come up with anything worthwhile.

I actually tried to have a little bit of April Fool’s fun in school this morning. When one of my students walked in, I told him he needed to clear his desk and prepare for a pop quiz, however his general lack of interest (which the entire class seems to share) made it tough to surprise them or ‘fool’ them, so that plan was quickly aborted.

I could have sworn was messing with me when I woke up, because the temperatures outside in Syracuse were expected to approach 60 degrees.

Considering today is the first day of April, that probably doesn’t sound like anything special, however let me put this into some context for you:

Syracuse, located in the very lovely geographic location of Central New York, gets two types of seasonal weather, along with a week here and there of something else.

In relation to the school year, the end of August through early October is very hot, and very much summer. For maybe a week or two in October, we get something that resembles fall, with temperatures dropping into the somewhat comfortable 50’s. From The end of October through the end of March (and even into April), the bitterly cold Winter descends upon us, and it’s generally rather unforgiving.

Last year for example, the middle of April brought us a foot of snow.

This past winter, which the calendar would claim ended two weeks ago, gave us a reasonable amount of snow (winter last year was worse in terms of snowfall), however temperatures were consistently hovering below 0, and waking up before the sun came up and driving my icebox of a car to school for the last month was always an adventure.

When April rolls around, the expectation is warmer temperatures and the disappearance of snow comes as sort of a prerequisite.

However that’s rarely been the case since I’ve been a student here.

In three years here, I can count on one hand the number of beautiful spring days I’ve been able to experience.

I’m talking about a 65 degree day, with the sun out, no rain or humidity.

I’m talking about wearing shorts and long sleeves, and having a breeze blowing just strong enough to make you think twice about MAYBE throwing on a sweatshirt.

Not in Syracuse.

Today, as I said, the forecast called for temperatures in the high 50’s.

Now on the plus side, at noon, my computer was telling me that it was actually 61 degrees outside.

Unfortunately, those 60 degree temperatures were accompanied with overcast skies and humidity that screamed “rain is on the way”.

Making it worse, the forecast for tomorrow calls for the temperatures to drop back down to around 40, with *GET THIS*, early morning snow.

So while I was unable to really make anything of this April Fools day, Mother nature clearly did her best to take advantage of it.

Walking around campus without a jacket on for the first time since baseball season ended is something I don’t plan on getting used to.

It’s April, it’s Syracuse, and the only fool today would be me for thinking I haven’t seen the last of winter.

Oh the joys of upstate New York.


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