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Dolly Parton ‘Mentors’, David Cook’s Hospital Visit, and Kevin Covais



When American Idol brings in their “mentors” for the finalists, more times than not, you can predict nearly word for word the conversations to be had between the contestants and the professionals.

Last night, as expected, Dolly Parton (want to count the number of surgeries she’s had?) cakewalked through the video segments with the generic “has a beautiful voice” type comments, while the contestants thanked her and told her what huge fans they were, blah, blah, blah.

Tonight you can probably expect a performance from the country star, along with the results of course, which shouldn’t be difficult to predict over the next few weeks.

I recently read that judge Paula Abdul predicted the ‘final four’ would consist of the David’s (Archuleta and Cook), Carly Smithson and Michael Johns.

I don’t have any real qualms with that, although I could also see Brooke sneaking in in place of either Michael or Carly, but when it comes down to it, expect the David’s to be Goliaths and battle it out for the season 7 crown.

Last night, I have to admit I my attention was not all there as the Mets were playing, however I caught a number of the performances and made sure to catch up on those I missed via youtube and fellow blogs.

That being said, the vibes I was getting are the Ramiele (who I predicted would bite the dust last week), is likely to be sent home tonight.

I’ll echo those thoughts again, as she has overstayed her welcome.

In other ‘Idol’ news, apparently rocker David Cook was hospitalized after the show last night with heart palpitations.

He put forth another solid performance last night, and continues to be a favorite to win the competition.

Also, browsing around the web I came across this story about Idol Alum Kevin Covais (the chicken little look-alike from Long Island)

And so, my prediction is for Ramiele to go be going Malu-“bye” tonight, while in the spirit of Paula doing so, I’ll predict my Idol Final Four to consist of..

David Archuleta

David Cook

Brooke White

Michael Johns

American Idol, FOX, 9PM est


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The ‘Don’ Has Arrived; Isiah Needs To Go



(photo taken from

Attention Fellow Knicks Fans:

We’re halfway there!

The New York Knicks today introduced Donnie Walsh as their new President of basketball operations, taking over for current head coach and now former President Isiah Thomas.

Walsh, 67, spent the last 22 years in the Indiana Pacers organization, helping them capture 6 division crowns and a conference title in 2000.

A New York native, Walsh brings experience and much needed credibility to an organization that has managed to plummet itself into the depths of not just the basketball world, but the sports world.

It has also been reported that Walsh has shown interest in bringing in former Sixers exec. Billy King, to run the day to day General Manager operations.

To think that the New York Knicks, as recognizable a franchise as the Lakers in their own sport, or the Yankees and Cowboys in other sports, have become remarkably irrelevant.

While most Knicks fans probably don’t miss the Stephon Marbury’s and Eddy Curry’s of the world (both of whom had injury plagued, disappointing years), it’s an embarrassment that the team recently struggled to beat a Miami Heat team with a lousy 13 wins all season (while the Knicks aren’t all the more impressive with only 20 wins of their own).

Then again, logic says that the more the Knicks lose, the higher a draft pack they’ll have come June.

On that topic, you might as well stop the presses because that first round lottery pick wasn’t traded or left unprotected for the first time in what seems like ages, meaning that the chances are pretty good the Knicks may land somebody Knicks fan have heard of, as opposed to names like Weiss, Williams and Balkman (even though Renaldo hasn’t been awful).

With Walsh officially on board, the biggest issue which needs to be immediately addressed is the fate of Thomas.

The number of potential replacements for Thomas on the coaching front has had names like Mark Jackson, Rick Carlisle and even Herb Williams.

Of course the one name Knicks fans had to lamented hearing late last week was none other than Isiah Thomas himself.

The news of Walsh’s hire probably set off cheers and celebrations among Knicks fan no seen since Willis Reed limped onto the Garden floor before the start of game 7 in 1970.

Finally, Isiah Thomas’ name would no loner be associated to the once proud Knicks franchise.

Or so it was thought.

The idea of owner James Dolan keeping Zeke around as coach shouldn’t come as all that big a surprise.

Thomas is still under contract for another three years, with somewhere around 21 million dollars being owed to him.

While Dolan has never been shy to pay off an outgoing coach (Larry Brown?), he has acted as Thomas’ guardian angel since his arrivial in 2003.

The head coaching revolving door seemed to stop with Thomas last season, as he was awarded a contract extension with the Knicks flirting the 8th seed in March.

After a full season’s worth of games since his extension, the Knicks featured a pathetic record of 20-62.

Yet time after time, Dolan defended his President and head coach, leading experts to believe that not only will Isiah survive the Walsh hire, but Isiah may have actually been part of the process in bringing Walsh on board.

Let us not forget that it was Donnie Walsh who injected new life into the post-playing career of Thomas in 2000, when he was hired to coach the Indiana Pacers for three seasons, until Larry Bird was brought back as GM and subsequently fired him.

It wouldn’t be far fetched to believe that Thomas suggested Walsh fill his own post as GM, knowing Walsh was the only potential replacement who would consider retaining his services as coach.

Should that be the case, it would be the equivalent of taking one step forward and two steps back.

The Knicks franchise will not take the necessary steps towards until it rids itself of Isiah Thomas, in all capacities.

Until that happens, it won’t matter who is brought in to run the team, as the man drawing up the X’s and O’s, whom many of the players have verbally expressed their displeasure with, will continue to hold them back from returning to prominence.

With a new President of the franchise now in place, Isiah now moves that much closer to being shown the door once and for all.

We hope.

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Mets Lose Game to Fish, Pedro to Leg Injury

4/1/08 (**updated at 11:00 pm EST**)

On April Fools Day, the Mets probably were hoping their joker was merely pulling their leg.

Well, a leg was pulled, but unfortunately for the ballclub, that leg was attached to the body of one Pedro Martinez.

Pedro left his start Tuesday night in the bottom of the 4th inning after he appeared to sustain an injury to his left leg, while following through on his delivery.

Pedro retired Matt Treanor on a ground out, but Treanor would be the last batter Pedro would face, as he gingerly was helped off the field and disappeared into the Mets clubhouse with the training staff.

During the 8th inning on SNY, Mets reporter Kevin Burkheart stated he had caught up with Pedro on his way out of the ballpark, who told Burkhart he “heard a pop” in his left hamstring.

The early word was a strained left hamstring, and was listed as day-to-day, however anybody who has been watching baseball for an extended period of time knows that hamstring injuries are almost never a day-to-day injury, and you can add onto that the fact that Pedro is 36 and a pitcher who relies heavily on his legs for his success.

Matt Wise gave up a game winning homerun to the Marlins Robert Andino, the first of his young major league career.

The Mets may have lost the game in 10 innings, but the news was all centered around their veteran right hander.

With his history of injuries, one shouldn’t be surprised that Pedro hurt himself, however the timing really acts like a punch in the stomach when you consider all the good vibes surrounding him coming out of spring training.

He gave us the spring cliche “greatest shape of my life” rant which you had no choice but to believe based on how sharp he looked down in Port St. Lucie.

Unfortunately, only 3 1/3 innings into his first start of the year, on the first day of April, Pedro might be spending more time back in St. Lucie rehabbing yet another injury.

The injury puts even more strain (no pun intended) on an already thing Mets rotation, with Orlando Hernandez on the disabled list still building up arm strength to pitch 6 major league innings.

Mike Pelfrey currently is serving as the teams fifth starter, and is slated to pitch Saturday in Atlanta.

Thanks to off-days, the Mets may not have to replace Pedro’s spot in the rotation for at least a start or two, and only time will well what the health conditions are of both he and El Duque.

Mets fan hoping to see Pedro toe the rubber at Shea Stadium’s final hope opener will most likely end up seeing either Oliver Perez or John Maine when the curtains go up for the final time at the big blue ballpark in Queens.

For now though, the concern rests in the left leg of the Mets self-proclaimed former ace and resident number 2.

Knowing Pedro, day-to-day is as reliable a diagnosis as a meteorologist telling you the forecast is partly cloudy with a chance of showers.

And when it comes to Pedro Martinez and the Mets, the forecast just got worse.

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