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Dolly Parton ‘Mentors’, David Cook’s Hospital Visit, and Kevin Covais



When American Idol brings in their “mentors” for the finalists, more times than not, you can predict nearly word for word the conversations to be had between the contestants and the professionals.

Last night, as expected, Dolly Parton (want to count the number of surgeries she’s had?) cakewalked through the video segments with the generic “has a beautiful voice” type comments, while the contestants thanked her and told her what huge fans they were, blah, blah, blah.

Tonight you can probably expect a performance from the country star, along with the results of course, which shouldn’t be difficult to predict over the next few weeks.

I recently read that judge Paula Abdul predicted the ‘final four’ would consist of the David’s (Archuleta and Cook), Carly Smithson and Michael Johns.

I don’t have any real qualms with that, although I could also see Brooke sneaking in in place of either Michael or Carly, but when it comes down to it, expect the David’s to be Goliaths and battle it out for the season 7 crown.

Last night, I have to admit I my attention was not all there as the Mets were playing, however I caught a number of the performances and made sure to catch up on those I missed via youtube and fellow blogs.

That being said, the vibes I was getting are the Ramiele (who I predicted would bite the dust last week), is likely to be sent home tonight.

I’ll echo those thoughts again, as she has overstayed her welcome.

In other ‘Idol’ news, apparently rocker David Cook was hospitalized after the show last night with heart palpitations.

He put forth another solid performance last night, and continues to be a favorite to win the competition.

Also, browsing around the web I came across this story about Idol Alum Kevin Covais (the chicken little look-alike from Long Island)

And so, my prediction is for Ramiele to go be going Malu-“bye” tonight, while in the spirit of Paula doing so, I’ll predict my Idol Final Four to consist of..

David Archuleta

David Cook

Brooke White

Michael Johns

American Idol, FOX, 9PM est


April 2, 2008 - Posted by | American Idol

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  1. actually paula mentioned brooke too. she actually said 5 people when predicting the final 4.i guess maybe she means brooke would be nr 5.

    Comment by hehe | April 2, 2008 | Reply

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