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OMFG! What Happened To Our Little Jenny?


If you happened to see the new advertising campaign out right now for the CW’s hit show Gossip Girl, you were probably asking yourself why on earth anybody would watch a show that used 7th grade text messaging lingo to promote itself.

Of course it you watch the show, which I clearly do (without shame), then like me, you were left waiting for that OMFG moment to hit, although it appears as though that may be coming next week with the arrival of the mysterious ‘G’.

That being said, after four months of being “Gossip-ly’ deprived (thats right, I not only watch the show but just a made up a word with it’s title), our favorite Upper East-sider’s were back, picking up where they left off back in December.

The crew is returning from spring break, and after being caught up on what went down prior to, we see that Jenny has uncomfortably claimed the thrown of the recently disgraced Blair, who was convinced by best friend Serena to not leave town and fight to get back her image, status and most importantly, power.

Manipulative Chuck, who is now the soon-to-be step brother of Serena courtesy of their parents engagement, has begun to take on an apprentice in the form of Serena’s younger brother Eric, much to displeasure of Serena.

Serena has issues of her own, as she recieves a number of indecent gifts she believes are from Chuck in an effort to damage her newly acquired good girl image.

The makeover was due in part to her romance with Dan, who we find still happily involved with Serena (although we didn’t see a whole lot of them)

Overall, I thought the episode was decent, hardly the seasons best but still packed with plenty of drama only Gossip Girl can produce.

What on earth happened to Jenny?

She went from being this sweet, soft spoken cute younger sister of Dan who has climbed the social ladder as Blair fell off it, hanging out with new friends, wearing new clothes and sporting a new attitude.

With her birthday coming up and wanting to impress her ‘friends’, she decided to steal a dress and exchange it for something more her taste, only to find out that the dress she exchanged fell a few thousand dollars short of the dress she was taking.

Complicating things was the fact that she stole the more expensive dress from one of the new snobs she was hanging out with, and upon learning it’s value, desperately seeked out Nate for some financial assistance.  Eight thousand dollars worth of assistance.

Blair, seeking revenge, brilliantly pulled the strings in setting up Jenny’s downfall, having her father surprise her at home with a party, only to have her new friends discover the stolen dress, embarassing Jenny in front of them, Blair, and her father.

Not to be outdone, Jenny calls Nate, telling him she doesn’t want to be alone for her birthday.

Ok, so she thinks that if nothing else, maybe she can get some love from Nate, or at the very least some ice cream that her father denied her.

Not the new Jenny.

In a true Blair Waldorf move, despite having 8000 reasons not to, she uses Nate to get back at Blair, who towards the end seemed to be returning to the ‘Queen B’ we all knew and loved.  Well, the one we all knew anyway.

Blair leaves the table at some high end restaurant, only to return finding Nate sitting next to one of Jenny’s posse, whom we had learned earlier had a long standing crush on young Nathanial.

Jenny had the last laugh, as she was re-invited to enter the circle of friends she was so desperate to be a part of, while Blair was once again on the outside looking in.

The other major development was with Serena and Chuck, as we were led to believe Chuck had been sending Serena these packages, one of which was filled wit porn and handcuffs (why don’t people send me packages like that?) another in the form of crates of Champagne, and another a small bag of happy powder.

After getting Chuck thrown out of the van der Woodsen/Bass home, Serena receives a final letter, which we learn to come from a girl from her past, who we will be meeting next week.

The episode ends with Serena showing up at Chuck’s suite (and we were worried he wouldn’t land on his feet), being invited in for a drink.

With 4 episodes left in it’s freshman season, Gossip Girl has certainly done it’s best to shake things up and keep things unpredictable, and hopefully they finish as strong as they have started.

If you saw the scenes from next week or have read the now confirmed rumors, ‘G’ is Georgina, played by Harriet the Spy herself, Michelle Trachtenberg.

By the way, tonight’s episode was titled “The Blair Bitch Project”, which I couldn’t help but laugh at.

It’s good to have my favorite group of privileged elite teenagers back.


April 22, 2008 - Posted by | Television |

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  1. Jenny is EEEEVIL. I hope she gets her comeuppance real soon.

    Meanwhile, it took me till nearly end of the episode to realise who was really sending Serena her presents. Am I dumb?

    Comment by jetsamjr | April 22, 2008 | Reply

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