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It’s been four long weeks since I last vented about one of my favorite pastimes, and so there is much to discuss in the world that is American Idol.

In only the last few weeks, there have been a pair of surprising departures, Idol Gives Back and some interesting celebrity mentors.

Michael Johns and Carly Smithson.

So much potential, so much frustration.

At the very beginning of the final 24, these two were both favored by many to either win or be in it down the stretch.

However neither have reached the final 5, while some question marks remain.

I was an early fan of Jason Castro, but his whole deer in the headlights thing has gotten sour.

He probably should have been sent home when Michael was, although he has put together a handful of decent performances. (Over the Rainbow with the Banjo was great actually)

That being said, along with Kristy Lee Cook who finally bit the dust last week, Jason and Syesha may be overstaying their welcome.

Syesha has also been impressive, but as far as i’m concerned, the two of them were a clear class below Michael and Carly.

The problem is, and I’ve been saying it for years, the voting system on this show is flawed.

For 7 season, people call or text in their votes for the person they like most, and the bottom three are pointed out every week with one of them being sent home.

My suggestion for the last 3 years or so is to change it up completely, by having people vote for the person they feel deserves to go home.

Kind of Survivor-esque, minus the tiki torch. (Maybe Ryan can have the Microphone cut in the middle of their farewell song?)

By voting for the person you most want to see leave, I think it would cut down the diversity in the vote, meaning that you would have more votes for only a handful of people as opposed to lots of votes for everyone.

Another advantage would be that week-to-week, there would be more pressure on the singers, meaning that when Brooke had to restart her song for the second time this season, people could see that as a weakness of hers, and vote her to go home.

I’m not saying my idea isn’t flawed, because when it comes right down to it, this show is all about popularity, which is why if your name is David and you’re still in the competition, chances are you’ll be one of the final two standing.

Carly and Michael were both very talented artists-to-be (Paula always calls them artists despite the fact they don’t officially have record deals, even if some of them- ironically Carly and Michael- had previous ones), yet were never bad enough in my opinion to be sent home.

Michael was awesome with his Queen medley, while this past week Carly was terrific singing Jesus Christ Superstar.

Even Kristy wasn’t bad last week despite being in the bottom 3, yet again.

Jason, Syesha and Brooke should be the next three to go, in that order.

Idol Gives Back was also a few weeks ago, and maybe it was just me, but I was left unimpressed.

The worst had to have been when Teri Hatcher sang Before He Cheats.

I shut off the television after realizing it wasn’t a joke.

The video clips were all good but they feel sort of forced and staged, however the issues at hand can’t be understated, and the money raised is certainly a good thing.

All in all, I have been a little let down by this season, partially because it is so clear who the truly talented performers are, and also because the whole Idol thing, after 7 years, is starting to get a bit old.

Should the people who run the show take my advice and change the voting format, the show might be able to regain the obsessiveness I was devoting to it week after week, but this season is the first in a few where I haven’t rushed to my television, making sure not to miss a minute of the performances and results.

That being said, Idol continues to be the most watched show in the country, and will probably continue to be as long as Ryan, Randy, Paula and Simon are a part of it.

American Idol 8pm FOX


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