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David is Goliath, ‘Cooks’ Archuleta


Aside from doing a very poor job of keeping this blog updated since I got home from School 2 weeks ago, I have done an even worse job of keeping up with American Idol.

I made sure to watch highlights and eliminations, but I didnt watch more than a few minutes of any given episode over the last few weeks until the last two nights.

The two-night American Idol finale is always an outlandish, painfully long episode in which we wait for the final announcement from Ryan, which he gives us with somewhere up against the final minute of the show.

The battle of the David’s took place Tuesday night, although my theory, even after the results were announced, were that America’s decision had already been made prior to the guys taking the stage.

Over the last two months, both David’s had consistently been the two most popular contestants, and both had their own fan bases.

Little David Archuleta had the young vote, kids aged anywhere from say, 12-16 (plus myself) and maybe some of their Mother’s who were hooked by Archie’s innocent charm (something I was guilty of as well).

David Cook had everybody else, and that ended up being the difference, as he was crowned the winner of American Idol season 7.

The match up was as highly anticipated as any if Idol’s history, as both guy were very deserving and very appealing to a variety of audiences.

David Archuleta seemed to lock up his spot in the Final two very early on this season, with his breathtaking performance of Imagine, which he brilliantly re-sung Tuesday night to close the show.

Cook was sort of an unknown until he dropped his Billy Jean remix on us, which really catipulted him to the top of the competition with Archuleta.

Both singers were on the money through much of the season, regularly finding themselves receiving the loudest cheers and ovations from the crowd, as well as the subjects of constant high praise from all three judges.

Following their performances Tuesday night, Simon emphatically stated that he believed Archuleta had won the head to head battle in a “knock out”, yet just moments before Ryan’s announcement last night, backtracked saying he felt it was anybody’s competition to win.

Sure enough, it was David Cook who in some ways shocked the world, although you would have a tough time finding somebody admit he wasn’t worthy.

I thought that overall, while the season definitely was filled with a decent amount of talent, once again the show struggled with some controversy, whether it was David Hernandez revealing he was a gay stripper, Paul being…well…Paula, and some earlier than expected departures by Michael Johns and Carly Smithson, both of whom, based on talent, were probably finals worthy in any other season.

I’ve read that “big changes” are in store for next season, starting with shortened results shows, because those hour long shows were downright brutal.

I keep pushing for a change in the voting process, with fans voting for the contestant they most wish to see leave rather than their favorite singer, but I doubt we’ll be seeing that anytime soon.

For anybody keeping track, I had predicted Archuleta to win weeks if not months ago, and so I’m left to eat my words as he ended up falling some 12 million votes short.  I guess I should have texted in more votes.  Nevertheless, I congratulate David Cook on a very well deserved victory.

And so, another season in the books, another champion to hit a radio station near you and another 7 months until we get to do it all over again.


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