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In honor of my day of birth, 21 years ago today, I thought it would be fun to come up with some sort of list comprising 21 items.

Problem was I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to make up a list of.

Before revealing the list I finally decided on, here are some of the ideas I had…

-21 things I can do now that I’m 21.

Problem here was that the first 20 all consisted of me trying 20 different drinks that end in ‘tini’, with the 21st being to walk into a strip club with a 20, asking for singles, and subsequently leaving immediately after.

-21 reasons I don’t want to be turning 21.

I guess that would have sort have put a damper on an occasion most young people usually look forward
to, plus the only thing I thought of was I’m now officially closer to 30 years old than I am 10.  No thanks.

-21 places I’d love to go to celebrate my 21st

Problem here is all I could come up with is a bar, a restaurant, a strip club (for monetary reasons only), and Disney World.  Of course had Disney opened up a Gentleman’s Club in EPCOT, I’d have booked my ticket months ago.

-21 things I’ve never done before that I’ve always wanted to

Easier said than done, because all I could think of are the fact that I’ve never been to the top of Mount Everest, I’ve never jumped out of an airplane and I’ve never eaten a burger with Tomatoes on it.  Then, of course, I realized I had no desire to do any of those.

-21 People I’d love to meet or see in person one day

I saw Bill Clinton once at a Mets game, I’ve seen Michael Jordan Play and the only concert I’ve ever been to was Sarah Mclachlan.  I figure I’m destined to run into Carrot Top at some point and I’ll be all set.

-21 things I’d love to eat right now

I could list 21 things but a slice of pizza and a churro would get the job done.

-21 places I’d love to spend my birthday money

I could probably list 51 places I’d love to spend the money I get, except after I treat myself to that slice of pizza and churro, I’ll probably blow the rest of it at the Gap, buying a dozen different color combinations of the same 3 products they sell.

-21 ways I’d like to change the world

Lock Tila Tequilla and Flava Flav up in a room, forever.  Force Sylvester Stalone to stop making movies.  Ban Bluetooth headsets outside of cars.  Start with those and get back to me.

-21 songs I never want to hear again

Instead of a particular song, how about they discontinue the kidz bop series.

-21 things I would tell Britney Spears if I ever ran into her

Keep the hair, lose the kids and the idea you have a shred of talent.  Oh, and marry me?
OK, so some of the idea’s were better than others, and while I was writing that I actually started to tempt myself into just coming up with a list of 21 ideas for a list, which halfway through just got boring.

Plus, I have a birthday to celebrate-

…and a Chocolatini to get my hands on


June 4, 2008 - Posted by | Personal


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  2. You have a nice 21 list. I’m sure any of the 21 items can be done or be done through out life. I’m impressed. I do like your blog.

    Comment by Kelvin | June 5, 2008 | Reply

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