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Who Needs Football in an Election Year?


On the eve of the most historic Presidential Election in modern American History, time seems to be standing still.

Our country, facing troubled times of equal hisotical significance, will head to the polls in only a matter of hours (or as you’re reading this for all you Pacific Timezone nuts), and I can’t help but feel somewhat overwhelmed with excitement and intrigue in waiting to see how this election plays out.

While the candidates were spending this final night (surprise surprise) filling up prime time television minutes during halftime of Monday Night Football, I don’t know about you, but tomorrow’s election has all the drama and suspense of a big time football game.

Call it the Super Bowl of elections, but as a sports fan who has within the last year taken a great interest in politics, I’ve been rewarded with not only some great political commentary, but some lasting entertainment.

I could talk about how great the Saturday Night Live sketches have been, from Tina Fey’s dead on impression of Sarah Palin, to re-enactment of the debates and so on, or even how magically both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have covered the election.

(This might have been the funniest thing SNL has produced in a while)

However, the entertainment I’ve enjoyed most has been from the candidates themselves.

Sure, Palin’s Katie Couric interview was classic, but having watched all four debates (3 presidential and the memorable VP debate), I found myself eyes glued as though it was a Sunday afternoon and my Jets were playing.

Except I wasn’t watching Brett Favre throwing touchdown passes (or interceptions of late), I was watching the priceless facial expressions of John McCain, and the avoiding of issues by Governor Palin.

Personally, I got a kick out of the second Presidential debate, where the town hall format was the perfect setting for Senator McCain to show off his inner ‘old-creep’, pacing around the stage as though he was lost, while getting uncomfortably close to the people asking questions.

Listen, I’m not going to pretend to be unbiased.

I’m a registered Democrat, and while I won’t disclose who I’m voting for, I’ll admit I’ve grown quite fond of both Senator McCain and Goveronr Palin.

Does that mean I would ever vote for their Presidential ticket?  I’ll let you guess, however the two of them have provided some of the most memorable moments in recent election history.

While both have been making plenty of headline, many of which for all the wrong reasons, both have come acorss to me as people I wouldn’t mind spending the next four years on television….just not necessarily as the next President and Vice President of this country.

With Palin, like most American males, the camera loves this woman.  She attractive and “folksy”, and while she probably is a sandwich or two short of a picnic, she has a career in show business waiting for her should her ticket fail and she decide to persue a different path for her post political career (which may be ending about as quickly as it was thrusted into the national spotlight).

All the drama surrounding her pregnant daughter coinciding with her stance on abortion and abstinance is stuff you just can’t make up.  And just to reiterate, how good does she look in those glasses?

With “McRage” as WIll Ferrell’s George W. Bush referred to Senator McCain as during a skecth on SNL a few weeks back, you gotta admire his lack of camera savyness.

Rolling his eyes while Senator Obama was discussing the difference in their policies was priceless, and ot’s difficult for me to hate a guy who considers all of us his “friends”.

Do you hate your grandfather, because I know I don’t, and that more or less what John McCain is to this country.

I’ll call him Grandpa John, and like most grandfathers, he’s older, distinguised, a war veteran, loves to offer advice even if you don’t want it and often forgets where he is and who he is talking to, as noticed during a speech he was giving in Pennsylvania (clip below).

…oh Grandpa John you old goof

This election will forever remembered as one of the most historic in American history, as much for the entertainment value and political importance.

Assuming we can avoid a repeat of the 2000 election debacle, tomorrow night around this time, we should have a projected winner in this election, as the 44th President of the United States will be either Barack Obama or John McCain.

That man will be responsible for dealing with a historically unpopular war, a devastated economy and an ongoing environmental crisis, and whoever is elected, needs to get to work quickly in restoring this nation to prominance.

If you can, go out and vote tomorrow.

I don’t care who you vote for, but make sure you can say you took part in something truly historic, as an election of this magnitude may never occur again in our lifetime.

Then again, depending on who wins and how they’re able to handle the problems facing this country, we might be back here again in four years going through this all over again.

Then again, even if we’re still at war, still in the midst of financial turmoil and Florida falls completely underwater, at least we’ll have another round of great TV.

Election day has finally arrived.

With all the entertainment and drama, who needs football in an election year?


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